More Than Meets the Eye

Chris from Fangwheel writes:
"I’ve been a Transformers fan since the 1980’s and have seen some pretty great and pretty atrocious stuff done to the franchise. I was there for the G1 series, witnessing all of the childishly corny storylines of the television series while simultaneously reading Marvel Comics much darker, much more adult story. I witnessed Prime’s demise at the hand of Megatron and Unicron’s desire to consume whole worlds in the animated movie. I stayed with the franchise through the greatness of Beast Wars, and recently, the Hollywood-ized Michael Bay movies and his “Bayformers”. In 2010, the release of War for Cybertron brought the first time a video game would correctly capture the robots that I hold near and dear, as no game before it really had. It would go on to be considered our version of Arkham Asylum by many Transformers fans. Naturally my excitement that High Moon Studios and Activision announced Fall of Cybertron got me thinking about what, and more importa...

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DaReapa2367d ago

Still waiting (read, hoping) for a proper G1 game.