GTA V: What We Know

GTA V has been officially unveiled after a highly anticipated trailer setting the story back in San Andreas. Let's take a moment to separate fact from rumor and what we know to be true about Rockstar's latest Grand Theft Auto offering. Here is everything you need to know about GTA V so far.

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MoXxXi2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I can't wait to play in San Andreas again, especially since it's redesigned to suit more of a present day feel.

poindat2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Agree, all that gangsta wannabe crap really put me off the original San Andreas. Glad it's going for a more mature IV-like story, while seemingly retaining the fun gameplay of San Andreas.

edit @ below: Yeah, wannabe. I don't think real gangsters flew around in jet planes and snuck into Area 51 using a jetpack.

7sEvEn2301d ago

Gangster wannabe? That gangster stuff was/is real especially back in the early 90's. Its nothing to be happy about but it brought that dark side to the virtual world which was great. But this GTA V looks to make it a level above and will have every age group want to play it.

tigertron2301d ago

San Andreas without all that gangsta BS sounds perfect to me.

A San Andreas setting and all the things they teased in this trailer like jets, planes, mountain climbing sounds brilliant.

Fingers crossed all of the fun features will be available in the multiplayer.

young juice2301d ago

so you think its believable for wannabes go around killing, selling, and robbing.

but you think gangtas are too hardcore to not use FREAKIN JET? or even a jetpack... come on man

you just told me that being able to fly a jetpack was a turnoff for you...

Man_Among_Mice2301d ago

Yes let's take a video game that is known for a tremendous use of satire and use it as an accurate representation of gangstas in the early 90s.

You sir lose on all levels.

And actually alot of real gangstas would jump at the chance to fly in a jet plane or sneak into Area 51 period no matter what the means because that means they're making real money.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I wasnt really excited for this game but after seeing that trailer im going to have to play this for sure.

Im interested to see more about it now.

edit-- Ill be happy as long as they dont bring back the friends phone calls, I hated tha so much in GTA 4.

I hope they have weapon proficiency upgrades and stamina upgrades etc. like in SA, and maybe the territory to take over too.

iDotDotDot2301d ago

San Andreas again, :3
can't wait.

2EHO2301d ago

Didn't see anything oustanding from the trailer. I think they should have waited for next-gen to release it. Wii U, PS4, and next-box FTW!!!!

KittyKatt2301d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this game. :)