Zero Punctuation: Batman: Arkham City Review

This week, Zero Punctuation returns to the black tights of everyone's favorite caped crusader.

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InTheLab2267d ago


The side missions seem to flow naturally during the course of the main game. I simply did them until I needed to do something else. The thought didn't cross my mind to simply do everything at the end. You'd have to call them "end" missions instead of "side" missions. When I ran into missions that required obvious gadgets like the line launcher, I progressed the main story. When the side missions required a not so obvious gadget like the freeze grenade/ice raft, I just assumed I was screwed until I got that gadget...or fruitlessly line launched into icy water over and over.

What did cross my mind was that an inappropriately dressed Tim Drake could have done a few of the trivial side missions like the entire Zsaz encounter but as Batman says in the comics, "partners tend to end up dying only to come back as super villians" I guess it's good he didn't get involved.

SilentNegotiator2267d ago

It's such a shame to see Yahtzee get so little attention on N4G. ZP is brilliant and insightful.

iamnsuperman2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

One reasons. No score. I enjoy his videos. Funny stuff and like you said insightful. He really does speak truly of the faults in the games he reviews.