Prototype 2 Hands-on Preview - GameZone

GameZone's Joe Donato gets some hands-on time with Prototype 2, talking about the new abilities and how the game is just like the first prototype.

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athmaus2362d ago

never got a chance to play the first game :(

cpayne932362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

How come? It was on both 360 and ps3, not sure whether it was on pc though.

bloodybutcher2362d ago

right now you can get it very cheap:) maybe story wasn´t ery strong but for me prototype was all about mayham!^^and it was real fun to small doses:)

TheSanchezDavid2362d ago

I still need to check out the first one. =P

The_Kills2362d ago

Why such a huge gap between the first and second in terms of release date still boggles my mind. I remmember whent this game was competing with the first inFamous, inFamous 2 is already out, and this thing is coming mid 2012 ffs?