Voice actors speak about love-hate relationship of Drake and Elena in Uncharted 3

What is there exactly between Drake and Elena? Do they have something with each other or not? And what about the voice actors that of these characters. Is there a kind of chemistry between them?

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Torkith2305d ago

Awesome. They honestly would be perfect to play their roles in the movie. I know they've expressed interest in it, but they probably need some support from fans.

Here's a petition recently started.

deadpoole2305d ago

This is how it is ... they are perfect for role ... Mark Wahlberg or whoever won't even be able to do half decent job at being Nathan Drake. Nolan North is Nathan Drake and nobody else can play it.

Beside ... Uncharted 3 ... one of the bests campaign ever. I have to say that it has finally made me play a campaign after long long long time ... ud be surprised I havent touched SP of BF3 and just playin MP since release.

jc485732305d ago

really wonder if they should make an Uncharted 4 for the ps3.

Spenok2305d ago

Id say it has potential to see 4 on PS3, but i think SONY would have an absolute system seller if it happened to be the launch title for PS4.... just imagine what it could/would be coming from Naughy Dog.
ooohhh i have myself salavating now in anticipation for that first PS4 Uncharted.... or hell, whatever ND has to show when PS4 finally does show itself.

littlezizu2305d ago

they would make perfect movie pairing..

Papertiger2305d ago

God If I had sex with nolan north, I would make him switch voices between drake and Dr. Richtofen on the fly. *sigh* one can only dream.