Just where have all the Xbox 360 Elite's gone?

Just where have all the Xbox 360 Elite's gone? Best Buy, Circuit City and EB online sold out with it showing just one Elite system in stock within a 10 mile radius of San Francisco.


"I thought this was a joke post at first but just checking quickly Best Buy and Circuit City are sold out and EB online is sold out with it only showing one Elite system in stock within 10 miles of San Francisco. Says all stores are out of stock. Even is out of stock."

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green3951d ago

The elite seems to be really popular.

i think they should drop the price of the pro pack next year closer to the arcade,drop the elite closer to the pro,scrap the arcade entirely and drastically drop the price of the hard drives.Then developers can make games using the hard drive in mind since all 360s will have one and the cheap price of the hard drive will lead people to ourchase them.

This will give them a fighting chance against the games releasing on the PS3 next year.

Mr PS33951d ago

Were all the Xbox 360 elite's have gone
Back to the manufacturers for repairs cause they've all blown up aswell Ha Ha

ruibing3951d ago

But you know when I look at the bestsellers list in Amazon, I still see 80GB and sometimes 40GB PS3s ranked more popular than any 360 SKUs.

And are we talking about the old elite or the new one with the bundled games?

lawman11083951d ago

I mean come on, $90 bucks so you can play WIFI with the adaptor? I was stupid and bought my 1st one in the store I just got a second for my 2nd 360 on ebay for $68 bucks . And the HD ...They want like $190 for a 120 GB hd I bought that for $120 on ebay. That WIFI adaptor should be a pack in. BTW Best Buy HAD a few Elites until Black Friday came....they sold out of almost every 360 and as you can see plenty of PS3's to be had

FPS nut3951d ago

It still doesn't change the fact the 360 has maintained a consistent lead over the PS3 both in games and in hardware. No matter how many links you post and how many ways you spin it will not change reality. Some of you harcore PS3 fans realy need to get used to the fact that a 120 million console just isn't happening, it's far to close and that don't even count the Wii.

eLiNeS3951d ago

That link shows the PofS3 at #45 as of 11:39 PM PST 11/25/07 but the Xbox 360 Pro Value Bundle at #19 FTW

You lose!!!

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xplosneer3951d ago

for just about ANY console in a specific area.

For example in Salinas I went to a CC and saw a few 360's. The remaining Wii's and PS3's that I saw were gone about 4 minutes after I walked in.

Grassroots3951d ago

They never seems to produced even a quarter of these compared to the premuim or even the halo consoles.

lawman11083951d ago

Even the kid at best buy was telling people to wait until they got the "Pro" back in stock they were sold out and had about 20 Haol's left and 8 Arcade ones. I heard when GTA4 comes out there is going to be a $100 price drop so I figure the Arcade will go bye-bye the "pro" will take it price over and the Elite will be the $350 model.

Drillin3951d ago

360 did great last holiday and this holiday season there is a far better game libary.

bababrooks3951d ago

hey drillin,i agree with you man. the sad thing is you made a good honest comment and if you had made the same comment about the ps3 you would have had a deck of agrees. i hope all systems do well..........but some of the sony kids are begining to get on my tits.

i hope all gamers enjoy this christmas with games they enjoy......that's what gaming is about no matter sony,ms, nintendo or pc. it's good the elite is going well!

socsca3951d ago

Lol at the people who disageed, exactly what are you disagreeing with? Fkin moronic fanboys.

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