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GTA 5 Trailer Analysis: Here's What You Missed

GB : Blown away by the GTA 5 trailer? You should be because that was friggin' amazing. Oh Rockstar, how do you do this all the time. You may not have noticed a lot of little things in the trailer, so we, the Gamingbolt staff are to help you. (PC, PS3, Rockstar Games, Xbox 360)

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iamnsuperman  +   981d ago
Jets. Yep looking forward to that. I do not mind it going the realistic route with the great story but they need to add stupid/ridiculous cheats for us to mess around with
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ATi_Elite  +   981d ago

oh and jets, helicopters, blimps, base jumping, jet ski's, weight lifting, and all that other stuff!

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-Alpha  +   980d ago
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Iroquois_Pliskin  +   980d ago
Mr PS3  +   980d ago
Goona take a Hooker for a ride
Do the Deed
Pay the Lady
Then Shoot that Hooker and get my Money back
Slugg3r  +   980d ago
Did I miss something? I mean there were hookers in LC.
HardCover  +   980d ago

Yeah. Read the article to see what the comments on the article reference. It's as if the writer thinks this is a new feature or something.
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NukaCola  +   980d ago
SKYRIM: "See that mountain there, that's not a back drop. You can climb that mountain. Do that!"

GTA V: "Challenge Excepted"
bruddahmanmatt  +   980d ago
Title should read "Here's What You May Have Missed if You're Blind, Dumb and Deaf". What a joke of a website. LOL @ "HOOKERS". Hahahahha
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sirwut  +   980d ago
wohoo! hookers!
irepbtown  +   980d ago
Hookers have always been there (since GTA III)
Its all about hitch hiking Baby!!!
You can do ladies, but can you walk across a mountain?

Imagine if you can make your own little tent?
LoooL. Btw, Multiplayer should be very interesting.
rabidpancakeburglar  +   980d ago
That might not happen though considering that, this generation, cheats are going the way of the dinosaur. Choosing San Andreas as the setting is the best move they could have made with this game.
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Hanif-876  +   980d ago
GYM @ 0:33
Yes, i'll be building up some muscle for the ladies lol
Mottsy  +   980d ago
I noticed on the cop car it said city of Los Santos i believe.
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showtimefolks  +   980d ago
I just want RS to find a perfect spot between gta 4 and some of the older gta games with their unique craziness

I don't want another all serious tone where you have to go to drinking games with your buddies or set up dates in a internet cafe

please give us the RPG elements of GTA:SA along with planes,jet packs etc,,,,

also the world should be huge like Just cause 2 and leave some islands off the map for us to find on our own

I think we can expect a gameinformer issue to have GTA 5 on the cover pretty soon
I thought the Ballad of Gay Tony had the right blend of craziness and realism. Do that again rockstar, with a new story, set in an updated San Andreas.
NYC_Gamer  +   981d ago
also seems like they brought the hookers back
Karooo  +   981d ago
Yes Hookers are back.
Ryudo  +   980d ago
And we wonder why the media stereotypes gamers...
Baka-akaB  +   980d ago
Actually no i wonder instead why some care about what medias think ...
fireplace  +   980d ago
There were always hookers in GTA, right? Am I missing something?
Sc0pe92  +   980d ago
Yeah they were. III VC SA and IV. Idk why everyone seems surprised? Anyways I cant fucking wait!
Redempteur  +   980d ago
<They appeared in GTA 3 . They definitly weren't in GTA 1 at least
thehitman  +   981d ago
Trailer was boring to be honest but got information that I wanted to hear was being included in GTA5 that GTA4 was missing greatly.
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Jamzluminati  +   980d ago
What info was that?
thehitman  +   980d ago
You can buy houses.
Hookers are back
Lots of minigames.
Heavily modified engine.
The gameplay will be more sandbox, kind of like GTA San Andreas, because it looks like they’re bringing back several mini games and places like gyms etc.

Some of that.
Ranich  +   980d ago
@thehitman (#3.1.1):

Where do you get "lots of minigames" and "you can buy houses" from the trailer? It simply showed a house getting foreclosed, that doesn't necessarily mean you can buy houses again. And where did you see that there's lots of minigames?
SephirothX21  +   980d ago
The trailer was meant to hint at what is in the game. Everything in that trailer is there for a purpose. To summarise the trailer. GTA V will take the best from GTA IV and San Andreas and put them together. Its the GTA many people wanted IV to be. So therefore houses, planes, minigames, vehicle customisation, jets, mountains and countryside mixed with more realistic physics, better driving, better shooting and better multiplayer. Oh and hookers! What more could you want?

I don't see how the trailer was boring. It was short and full of action and revealed quite a bit about the game.
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Getowned  +   980d ago
"Tommy Vercetti? Yeah, he looks old now."

where was Tommy Vercetti O_O i don't remeber seeing him unless hes that old guy ? idk lol
Sc0pe92  +   980d ago
GTA4 had hookers
Slugg3r  +   980d ago
Dunno why someone disagreed with you. Am I really missing something? Please someone enlighten me.
Sc0pe92  +   980d ago
LOL Jits on N4G are just too hilarious
Eamon  +   980d ago
Shows that some people here probably haven't played much GTA.
shikamaroooo  +   981d ago
Why am I the only one that saw the mountains and people hitch hiking
camel_toad  +   981d ago
Yep I saw that too and love it. There's nothing like taking a bmx up a giant mountain and driving off the highest peak with a parachute on...
teedogg80  +   980d ago
Heck yeah. Bring back bicycles R*
RedDevils  +   980d ago
I will try and jump off the mountain without Parachute lol
SyluxPT  +   981d ago
2012 GOTY
Tanir  +   981d ago
for people who like gta and open world games
meetajhu  +   980d ago
2012 Game of the Year might be Dota 2
calibann  +   980d ago
torchic  +   980d ago
not sure if joking or being serious....
vortis  +   980d ago
You really think Rockstar won't delay GTA V? Hahaha...you don't know Rockstar, obviously.

Compare the announcement of L.A. Noire to its release, as well as the announcement of Max Payne 3 to its release. More like 2013 GOTY.
xDaRkModEx  +   980d ago
Better late than broken then updated.
Alos88  +   981d ago
"The accent of the narrator sounds Irish, so he’s probably a gangster from Ireland."
What? If this is true the accent was subtle beyond words.
IrishAssa  +   981d ago
Def ain't irish...pretty sure

Yeah it reminded me of the NY one...Like in the departed, where they all say their Irish but they are NY really.
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iamnsuperman  +   981d ago
To me it sounded like that weird Atlantic accent. Where someone grows up in the UK and then moves to America (or visa versa ) and a weird mixture happens ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
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zerocrossing  +   981d ago
If that's Irish the guy hides it well.
metsgaming  +   981d ago
and where did they get mini games out of that trailer? I saw no mini games
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   980d ago
Golf, mountain climbing maybe, street racing, there's an outdoor gym
Ranich  +   980d ago
@iNcRiMiNaTi (#6.3.1):

These could easily be those things that the NPCs do while you walk around. I could be wrong, but the fact that this article said there's "lots of minigames" is completely stupid considering it could be nothing more than eye candy.
Yardie  +   981d ago
sounded Mexican to me, and a bit like Clifton Collins Jr.
PinchoVe  +   981d ago
Sounded Hispanic/Latino to me
PS3Freak  +   981d ago
WetN00dle69  +   980d ago
Yes i highly agree as well.
HSx9  +   980d ago
lol at all the people disagreeing with the Latin/Hispanic accent.

I live in California, we have lots of Mexicans here, the guy in the trailer sounded Hispanic.
MRMagoo123  +   980d ago
LOL i dont know what you guys are smoking but he doesnt sound even slightly hispanic, your all obviously accent deaf.
Pikajew  +   980d ago
I wanted an Irish lead :(
AzaziL  +   980d ago
After watching the trailer and then watching a video of Tommy Vercetti on youtube, they sound almost the same with the new one sounding older. Listen carefully around 0:15 in the trailer and then compare it to the voice in the first few seconds of the vid.

Related video
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WetN00dle69  +   980d ago
Its be awesome if Tommy returned! Truth be told he was the best character GTA has ever had. But who knows it might be Claude!
FragMnTagM  +   980d ago
Agreed. It does sound awfully similar. Before I even read any comments here I was thinking that I had heard that voice before, and I think you nailed it.

Would be really cool if they explored Tommy Vercetti again.

I don't know where people are getting that Irish or Hispanic origin from. He sounds nothing like a Latino or an Irishman.

I still can't get over how detailed the environments are this time around. Truly amazing.
RedDevils  +   980d ago
I want CJ or Tommy Vercetti
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Der_Kommandant  +   981d ago
steve30x  +   981d ago
I just read that article and they got one thing extremely wrong. That is far from an Irish accent. I should know because I am a 38 year old irish man living inm Ireland
RyuCloudStrife  +   981d ago
that trailer sucked it was missing an important factor that maid it look generic I almost fell asleep, the narrator sounded like he was telling a bed time story.

Overall I give this trailer a 2/10, it was just really boring.

EDIT: Its not an Irish accent its a Hispanic dude.
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Rage_S90  +   981d ago
Yh i agree, it seems froms trailer it's gona be GTA4 in a new skin.

Oh look we gots jets now yh that's not gona get me exited look at all the stuff in saints row. It just makes this look mediocre.
BabyTownFrolics  +   981d ago | Funny
can I join the one bubble moan party?

I dont like it cause I hate the roman numerals, roman numerals are fruity
Eiffel  +   981d ago

Well if it's coming out for 360 and PS3, what more could they do with outdated hardware? It's a sandbox game for one, so it can only look so good on the hardware that runs it. Can't blame Rockstar for that.
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zerocrossing  +   980d ago
They would have been better of calling it GTAIV (add subtitle here) because even with the graphical update, like you said it's really 4.5.

Well, for reasons you already stated and just going by what Ive seen so far.
poindat  +   980d ago
No... This game has no relation to GTA IV, therefore it is a whole new game and deserves a whole new title. If they used your idea, then it would be an expansion like TBOGT, which it obviously is not.

Graphics aren't the only things that make a sequel. There's obviously going to be some pretty massive gameplay improvements to justify it.

Use your brain, sheesh.
Trenta27  +   980d ago
It's a teaser trailer. It's not a launch trailer with all the bells and whistles. It's just showing you whats up. I, personally, loved it. It was rather boring, but in each scene it showed us something new that it's doing. The jets, massive highways, blimps, dogs, mountains. It'll be glorious.
Urmomlol  +   981d ago
None of us missed any of those things, but thanks for another pointless article.

And LOL, that's not an Irish accent in the slightest.
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Blues Cowboy  +   980d ago
Hopefully they'll update it after watching it again. Those are some incredibly obvious details.
metsgaming  +   981d ago
Disagree with setting it in SA again before doing another Vice city. Now there goes the chance of a SA stories on the vita. So if they make a vita game they should set it in Vice city again but a whole new map. I just hope GTA 5 controls are better and that they dont use the gta4/RDR shooting and running mechanics. Oh and large map also please if you have to release 5 discs for the xbox
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calibann  +   980d ago
Oh my god, no SA stories on the Vita!? The world might as well be ending in 2012.
shammgod  +   981d ago
Please, no brother that has to go play darts or go bowling every 5 f'in minutes!
rattletop  +   981d ago
damn.. it would have been nice if they revealed had release date. but here's something i found, not sure if it true though
Marceles  +   981d ago
If it's true, I hope the 2nd part of it is wrong lol...I really wish I didn't read that
ShabbaRanks  +   980d ago
thx lol I wont check this out
bubble +
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IrishAssa  +   981d ago
Spoilerz^^^ that looks legit
Disccordia  +   980d ago
Not legit all his info about the trailer was wrong
FlashBack  +   981d ago
Here's a youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watc... if you can't watch it
MimeTime   981d ago | Spam
Premonition  +   981d ago
Looks like some past characters might be in this one :)
NaViTo  +   981d ago
In the final scene of the trailer (the one with the title) it appears to be a zeppelin on the sky just next to the skycrappers! WoW
Trenta27  +   980d ago
I saw that, too. I'm sure some gameplay will be up in them. CRASH THEM INTO THE SKYSCRAPERS!
sedx  +   981d ago
Tommy vercetti is back!!!!
jizzyjones  +   980d ago
Getowned  +   980d ago
were I didn't see him ? D: it's been a while since i played Vice City though.
ZombieAssassin  +   981d ago
Let's just hope it doesn't turn out to be over-rated trash like GTA4 and get a free pass because it's a GTA game.
bloodybutcher  +   980d ago
i disagree,i love gtaIV, very funny and great gameplay.and online is such fun.
edit: btw,it was the only game ever that i bought at midnight launch^^
#19.1 (Edited 980d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Slugg3r  +   980d ago
Only game I've ever bought three times, atleast until MGS collection comes out!
YodaCracker  +   981d ago
I don't know how the hell Rockstar did it, but Los Santos looks even more intricately detailed than GTA IV's Liberty City. The trailer just goes to show how many light years ahead of every other open world developer Rockstar truly is. GTA V looks like a next gen game compared to the competition.
modesign  +   980d ago
its not that hard to take a previous game and add to it. update, look at the EIenhancers to the GTA4 mod.
vortis  +   980d ago
I have to disagree about Santos looking more intricate. It looks more like San Andreas than GTA IV. Obviously they were showing off the PC version with slight shader enhancement (and to maintain framerates).

But GTA IV's Liberty City was the most intricately designed game I've ever played. Every single square inch seemed to be packed and felt very, very alive.

From what they showed GTA V looks more like a skin-job than what GTA IV was to San Andreas. I'm not just talking about graphics but the actual aesthetics. But that's just what I gather from the teaser. The original GTA IV teaser seemed to show more city density and visual depth.

Also, modesign is right, with the IceEnhancer GTA IV looks better than that GTA V teaser (graphically). But a real comparison can't be done until until an ENB mod releases for GTA V.
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TABSF  +   980d ago
The first Grand Theft Auto San Andreas trailer never showed anything outside Los Santos so it could be even bigger.
MimeTime   980d ago | Spam
vortis  +   980d ago
Yeah so how would they fit those extra cities on a 9GB disc? I mean...honestly, how?
ShabbaRanks   980d ago | Bad language | show
Dfooster  +   980d ago
over on IGN they are saying it looks like all the old characters are back and have aged since their respective games were out, and they will all be probably playable.

this looks great and already looks more fun than GTA4. fighter jets, biplanes, sky blimps, the beaches. how anyone can moan about this trailer or find it boring is beyond me.
Bangkay  +   980d ago
Too bad he missed the Dog on the trailer.
fireplace  +   980d ago
I'm pretty sure the dog was on the beach.
Mr_cheese  +   980d ago
lmao, comedy gold!
kenoh   980d ago | Spam
wnek9  +   980d ago
uh is that ray liotta's voice lol the guy who did tommy vercetii, i wouldnt mistake it i saw goodfellas 100 times!
Dfooster  +   980d ago
also i bet we are only seeing a small part of the game here. i wouldnt be at all surprised if las vegas is fully featured as well. that would be the icing on the cake.
Buljo  +   980d ago
Here it goes again, a trailer every few months which reveals almost nothing but short clips of how awesome the game is, hyping it up beyond reason and then waiting day by day for the game to be released. That's what GTA means to me - suffering until the game is finally released. Then all of a sudden, childish happiness when I start it up. 2012 seems so far away..
ShabbaRanks  +   980d ago
R* really knows how to torture :P
ps3deo  +   980d ago
The game looks great. Now all we need is a release date. I typed in http://gtav.com and its a website with information on grand theft auto 5. Is that rockstar games fan site for the game? They have some good details about GTA V. Anyways the graphics looked pretty good and it has me excited!!
Khordchange  +   980d ago
Why didn't they go with a new town? Getting a bit tired of LA to be honest
bangoskank  +   980d ago
I think Rockstar should have left America entirely and gone with a more exotic location like Brazil. Either way, I'm tired of sandbox games. Real-life is challenging enough.
vortis  +   980d ago
What happened to London? Really?

Rockstar seems to have forgotten how much we loved GTA: London. And why was that a real-life place and not something like GTA: Eurodon or GTA: United Brighton or something?
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