Why I Refuse to Watch Skyward Sword Footage

GameZone's David Sanchez gives the reason why he refuses to watch any footage of the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, Skyward Sword.

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athmaus2301d ago

i havent watched that much footage either...i wanna be surpised by this game! :)

papashango2301d ago

This is the same train of thought I have with skyrim. Ive seen only only a few minutes of e3 and have read zero articles on it. I want it to be like it was in the 90s where there were no meta scores, youtube videos, and the only review that mattered was the one in your favorite magazine.

Venox20082301d ago

agreed.. what will be if you'll watch all surprises via the trailers.. :)

TheSanchezDavid2301d ago

I really want that feeling of surprise and wonder when I go exploring, so I'm just holding back from checking out most of the coverage.

axisofweevils2301d ago

Yep, I've tried to avoid everything.

Pikajew2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I only watched a few videos. I want everything to be a complete surprise

SovereignSnaKe2301d ago

-Yes, i must admit i fell victim to a new Zelda video last week, and said, WELL!.. that's it for me!, no more videos or screen shots until Release! -this has been my approach with alot of games as of late, infact I avoid drooling over any media these days unless it's for some under rated game that came out years ago, to see if its' worth the time! :)

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