Wii, PS3, Halo 3 drive 134% growth in online game sales for holiday-to-date

comScore released an update of holiday season online spending covering the first 23 days (November 1 - 23) of the 2007 Christmas holiday season. An abstract:

"The hottest category continues to be video games, consoles & accessories, which is up 134 percent versus the corresponding days last year. Sales of Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and popular game Halo 3 continue to drive growth in the category."

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wiizy3920d ago

ps3 are you kidding me.. just say wii is crushing the competition and thats the end of story..

ruibing3920d ago

Can't someone even say positive things about the gaming industry without someone like you to pipe in?

Anyways good news for gamers since a bigger industry tends to mean more games.

wiizy3920d ago

wii laughing straight to the bank...hahahahha

HarryEtTubMan3920d ago

yOYou act like the little gamcube with a new controllers' sales help you.... And You do realize the PS3 will be at a 250$ pricetag sometime soon too... and sale there for about 5 years. Yes you will lose. PS3 HAS 9 YEARS LEFT LOLOLOLOLOL.

IntelligentAj3920d ago

Apparently though I can't understand why