Battlefield 3 server patch incoming for Xbox 360 and PS3

DICE have announced that a new patch for Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 and PS3 servers will go live on the 3rd of November.

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xxxAnubisxxx2179d ago

Patches are always a good thing... Unless its dragon age....

DasBunker2179d ago

hope they include the fixing of the input lag on ps3.. its the thing that bothers me the most

otherZinc2179d ago

Battlefield 3 is terrible.

They should have scrapped this release & put more in the single player. Or, charged 30 or $40 for the game if they want to specialize in multiplayer.

My problem with the single player is to damn much hand holding. I cant stand this kind of military shooter.

BF3 is so damn scripted I didn't want to finish it.
Everyone lied, the game doesnt look better than anything, its very average looking.

I'm glad I never believed the hype as BF2 was overrated as well.

1.7million 360 owners purchased this game as well as 1million PS3 owners. I can only imagine the disappointment in the single player for almost 3million people!

Libertheme2179d ago

Implying we bought BF3 just for the single player.

cyborg69712179d ago

What were you expecting? The game to give you a reach around and make you cum?

Ghoul2178d ago

actually im happy with you moaners and whiners.

this assures that the community consists of Battlefield vets.
Its actually awesome atm people are playing well in a team

less cod players in bf3 = ideal situation

you play your k/D games and killstreak rewarding junk

and we continue playing the best strategy teamplay game in console history

leogets2179d ago

Sweet as.rubber banding and lag on some maps where highly annoying but still loved it lol.this is special news to me xD

MasterD9192179d ago

Patch up Tehran Highway aka Lag Highway!

sublIME2s2179d ago

Thank you DICE. Because right now playing Battlefield 3 for me is totally unplayable. Spawn system has been "killing me"!

ExPresident2179d ago

Wish there was something in there about the mics breaking up really bad on PS3 ;/

Otherwise awesome and loving the game.

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