Naughty Dog: "No Producers, No Management, Just us Working as a Team"

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is hitting stores around the world right now, so what better time to catch up with developer Naughty Dog? IGN AU spoke to the studio's lead effects artist, Keith Guerrette - in town for the Sydney launch - and he had plenty to say about exactly what makes the Santa Monica developer tick.

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lorianguy2273d ago

This form of organization seems to work wonders!

Everyone else: take note!

Ultr2273d ago

naaaaughty dog! sony is doing a great job with them

miyamoto2273d ago

I like open like ND, PS3, Android OS, etc

Ghoul2273d ago

1. ps3 is a product not a company or system
2. android is not open, dont fall for the media bull, its a software with a income and money system behind it.

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