Unwinnable gets sticky with the latest Spider-man: Edge of Time [Review]

Is the new Spider-Man it a swing and a miss? That metaphor probably works better with baseball. Do you want to get caught up in the web? You trusted friends at Unwinnable let you know.

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LightofDarkness2267d ago

On a 5 point scale, anything below 2/5 should be reserved for games that actually fail on a technical level, as in they are mired with bugs or technical issues that cause the game to be unplayable to a degree. Things like being unable to complete quests/missions/races, crashes, broken controls, inexcusable framerate issues, etc. It can also apply to a game with a serious dearth of content alongside some technical issues, clearly the result of inexperienced developers who rushed to get a product out the door. But this game only fails to be anything above mediocre.

You have to make your review scales more consistent, reviews like this are why people say that review scores are arbitrary and meaningless.

japanesedudegirl2267d ago

I think reviews depend on the reviewer and not the scale.

That is like saying a 300 pound man is not over weight because he has a scale that goes up to 900 pounds.

LightofDarkness2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

That made no sense. It depends on what the scale is designed for. In order for the scale to exist, there has to be two definitive articles that represent each end of it.

In your example, there would have to have been or expected to be a 900lb stepping upon it at some point. I don't know of any human weighing scales that take that sort of measurement, because it's unrealistic.

Game reviewing scales do have a shifting nature; as games get better, then the definitive articles on either end will change with them. But it wouldn't make sense to say Spiderman: Edge Of Time is on the same level as Big Rigs Racing. Big Rigs Racing is one of the most obviously broken and worst games ever created. Spiderman clearly has good production values and there were even some positives mentioned in the review. A 1/5 would have to be beyond simply bad or mediocre, it would have to be one of the worst examples of a videogame ever conceived.

alansmithee2267d ago

So because you disagree with the review, you think the score should be raised.

You should probably stay away from Pitchfork.