Rock Band is a great game, here are five things to make it perfect

Ars Technica's Ben Kuchera - November 23, 2007:

Rock Band is a game that features great peripherals, a strong set of songs, and some of the best multiplayer this generation. However, the more Ars Technica plays, the more a few things have popped up that they think could be improved on. It's a shame that a game with such a high level of polish in the game play area falters so badly in a few areas of usability.

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White-Sharingan3886d ago

I understand some people want more female vocalist, but to be honest and not trying to be sexist but im pretty sure 2/3 or more of the video game population are men. I mean, go online, go to gamefaqs, go anywhere and you will see all are men with the few exceptions of some women who wont even admit they are women because of the fear of the guys all slobbering over them and their gameish ways.

Anyways i feel it for those female gamers, but when people demand something over the other, they have to go with that. It would of been a wreck if almost all songs or half of them were sung by women. But I do agree, three songs is just too little amount. We need more for that female crowd

Loopy3886d ago

Umm... you are sexist.
There are great songs sung by female that guys sing.

White-Sharingan3886d ago

Call me whatever you want, doesnt really matter.

Anyways, I never stated there isnt any good female song that we can sing.

I stated that the majority of the guys will want to sing male songs. Just like females will want to sing mostly female songs.

Since there is a higher male crowd, it would just make more sense xD

jinn3886d ago

nearly every game that gets reviewed on this site is always missing five things. why?

sa_nick3886d ago

Wow, no mention of lack of online band world tour, crazy!