First Grand Theft Auto V screenshots from debut trailer impress

GameDynamo - "For those of you with a slow Internet connection, we've put together the first set of screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V (40 of them!). They're taken from the GTA 5 debut trailer, but they're very interesting to look at anyway. Looks like we're back in L.A.!"

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FragMnTagM2452d ago

I wonder which version was shown. I can't believe that the console versions have that much detail. There is so much that is rendered on the screen at any given time, they must have really upped their engine.

ginsunuva2452d ago

Probably pc. That was too good for consoles.

mike_d_2452d ago

Of course the visuals impress,it's PC they are showing. I'm ready to hear the console-fanboys battle this out.

mastahmind2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

dubbel post..

mastahmind2452d ago

if we get las ventures and san fierro also i will be shocked.. i think its only los santos. not complaining tho los santos already looks huge.