What's Next for Uncharted?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is out and continues the extremely high standard of quality that the series is known for. With three multimillion selling games in the series and a portable adventure on its way, there's no doubt that Sony wishes to continue the series after Uncharted 3. However, whether or not Naughty Dog stays with the main franchise or hands it off to another studio is yet to be set in stone. Below, we take a look at the possible futures for the Uncharted series.

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Relientk772426d ago

I hope Nathan Drake tries to find Atlantis

Ultr2426d ago

Kratos destroyed it...

tarbis2426d ago

That's one less lost city for Nate to find. XD

Relientk772426d ago

Last time I commented and said Drake needs to find Atlantis, someone also commented and said Kratos destroyed it. lol

Idk it maybe was you lol

Ultr2425d ago

:D haha cool guy!
Even though from my point, it doesnt matter what nate is searching in the next I know its gonna be a hell of a ride!! :D Atlantis? there we go! :)

rezzah2426d ago

i hope the PSV version remains the last, unless they plan to continue their tradition and add a race kart version of some sort.

After that they should move on to something new like how they always do.

rezzah2425d ago

If you knew the history of ND you wouldn't be as clueless as you are now.

they even said so themselves, a trilogy which all ended with a kart game, per system or generation.

ginsunuva2426d ago

Theyre not making the psv one. Bend is.

Plus they wont leave off on a handheld prequel. That's why I know there will be one final ps4 uncharted.

I predict Nathan will try to find some civilization on Mars and the whole world gets involved somehow. No more lost city finding while fighting henchmen that come from who knows where.

rezzah2425d ago

Creative imagination, but that's why I said they will end it with some sort of kart game...Just like Crash and Jak & Daxter.

Breaking that tradition would mean going against their own words on trilogies per system/ generation.

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