The Czechs scoop the world: new Fallout 3 screenshots

Jesterka wrote a Fallout 3 news summary for the Czech Tiscali, using the standard screenshots. However, his editor replaced them with a handful of screenshots (low-quality scans) that are said to be from Games for Windows.

Normally one would have his doubts, but No Mutants Allowed immediately recognised these screens as showing stuff from the demo. The enormous mutant is the Behemoth, the building behind the Brahmin is Megaton.

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solar3957d ago

lol i was going to say that camera man took a horrible picture of MK_Red and one of his family members. cut his head right off!

MK_Red3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

OMG, superb find.
1.I fail for finding it so late.
2.Thanks my friend :), that thing behind me in that pic is a super mutant and I'm no friends with them. Normal mutants are my friends :)
4.My shoulder is visible in the pic with Drahmin in it. Guess that's my pet ;)

5.ZOMG, Thats a Drahmin! Uber awesome!

solar3957d ago

@ mk_red,

as long as its not your wife or girlfriend :P thats like o.O yikes!!

socomnick3957d ago

I cant wait for this I still got Fallout 2 somewhere around here.

Danja3957d ago

same here really excited for this game.....damn so many great games next year...

urban bohemian3957d ago

I have both big boxed games of fallout with all instructions but I really want the strategy guides for the games! If anyone has them PLEASE pm me!

MK_Red3957d ago

urban bohemian, just read the manual for Fallout 2 and start the game. Believe me, half of the fun is in trying everything by yourself. You could make 2 or 3 characters and play differently with each at the same time.

urban bohemian3956d ago

Just for completist reasons, as they are worth loads, literally about £100($200) as collectors items. I've completed fallout countless times, with someone good at speech, melee, range etc. Male Female......

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White-Sharingan3957d ago

Too bad about the low quality pictures. Anyways, im highly anticipating this title. now the question:

PS3 version or 360? hmmm

TheMART3957d ago

Have you been following the news lately?

The 360 is lead platform for Fallout. Even before PC (and thus also PS3)

Danja3957d ago

It's Bethesda so im sure all versions will probably be the same ..

But of course im gonna get the PS3

MK_Red3957d ago

PC. Pure and simple. Fallout was born in PC and will live on there. Hope Bethesda makes the PC version PC friendly unlike Oblivion in which UI was more suitable for 360 users.

Bolts3956d ago

If you have any clue as to what Bethesda games is all about you'll know that PC version is a must have because of mods. Games like Morrowind and Oblivion already established this. Playing their games without mod support is like playing Halo 3 without the multiplayer, you'll be missing half of the game.

Now if you must buy a console version, I'll go with PS3. With Sony open door policy on mods and user created content this version have the best chance to square up against the PC.

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Charlie26883957d ago

Please Bethesda...PLEASE don't ruin Fallout 3, that is my only Christmas wish...and its going to be my New years...and my Birthdays too :P

But really PLEASE Bethesda don't ruin it T.T

MK_Red3957d ago

Same here :) Same wishes. Bubbles for you and your great comment my friend :)

PLEASE Beth, don't screw this one up.

Charlie26883957d ago

Thanks bubbles back at you :)

urban bohemian3957d ago

I love the fact the super mutant uses a car door for an arm shield!

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