Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of November 25th

After the crazy spend-a-thon that was last week's release list, gamers can all finally give their wallets a little rest. Though gamers in Europe may need to keep it on standby for the near future as both Uncharted and Singstar will be released in just under two weeks.

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skynidas3916d ago

well the only great game that is going to be released before the 08 storm is UT3

Ri0tSquad3916d ago

Asian Games

* Tony Hawk's Project 8


Laexerias3916d ago

It was so amazing to see Tony Hawk Project 8 released so early. O_O

HarryEtTubMan3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Notice [email protected], despereate Bloodmask trys to show the ONE WEEK with no releases in America... such a loser

@below: NO MORON but the only reason hes even showing this is because there happen to be no games in NA this week... DUUHHHH ... You noticed hes never done this any other time... Bloodamsk and a few other of u fools actually think ur little articles and things change whats happening and whats gonna happen. IT WONT. PS3 has 9 years lest to sale and will sell for probally 5 years under 300 dollars. OUCH

Douchebaggery3916d ago

Bloodmask is the reason no games are coming out this week

Bathyj3916d ago

Anyone know if the Euro (Aussie) release of Stranglehold is still getting Hardboild? I've waited for the bloody thing this long, even passed up a 1/2 price copy on Xbox, it better be there or I'm gonna TP Chinatown.