Street Fighter V won't take ten years to arrive

Capcom’s Seth Killian has said that fans won’t have to wait a decade for a full blown sequel to Street Fighter IV to arrive on the scene. Killian’s comments will ring true for long-time Street Fighter aficionados’, as 2009's SFIV didn’t materialise until ten years after Street Fighter III was released.

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zeal0us2391d ago

With the way capcom handle their games do you even want a SFV.

Yes for some of the fans of the series

No for ppl don't like being apart of capcom $$$ games

3GenGames2390d ago

I agree. They dumped MEGA MAN ffs. I mean, really? If you can't make that game successful then I don't want you even trying to make other games because they'll go the same route. :(

ScubaSteve12390d ago

2012 Street Fighter 5

2012 6 months later Super STreet fighter 5

2013 SUper duper Street FIghter 5

come_at_me_bro2390d ago

You Capcom haters are just ridiculous... Clearly Super Duper Street Fighter 5 won't come out until after Super Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

InTheLab2390d ago

whoever disagreed had to have made a mistake.


Vortex3D2390d ago

Will be interesting how many variations of SF4 Capcom will release by the time SF5 comes out.

Capcom has become the biggest milker to re-releasing the "same" game.

nano882390d ago

To me virtual fighter 5 was the best fighting game ever and still is. Street fighter games get boring quick but hey if they can pull it off with SF5 then good luck:)

cvflyboy2390d ago

What are you talking about? "Street fighter games get boring quick but hey if they can pull it off with SF5 then good luck:)"... street fighter is the only successful fighting game this generation. It brought people back to the genre. selling millions of copies would definitely be considered "pulling it off". I do agree that they are milking it a bit but the fans don't seem to mind because the online support for the game is on going and that is hard to find now and days in games besides fps and gt5.

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