Rumor: Unbanned Xbox 360 Live Account (Video Demo)

French webmaster 'Zouzzz' has reportedly discovered a method circumventing Xbox 360 Live bans. According to a video, he just inserted a keyvault from an unbanned Xbox 360 into a banned Xbox 360. After the insertion and an update to the latest kernel, his Xbox 360 could connect to Live again. Here is the video demonstration of the process (in French)...

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Bladestar3957d ago

mmmm... how come we didn't think about that... thanks for telling us... I'm will get the team working on this work around... lol...

Neurotoxin3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Forgive my ignorance as i do not own a 360, but surely if an account has been banned it was due to using a copied game or Hacked Drive Firmware?! Which makes this article something that promotes illigal activities.

Unless you where unlucky enough to purchase a second hand 360 that was banned :(

Charlie26883957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Ok I am gonna explain it to you, originally people thought that a modified firmware was detected by MS and BAMM banned, later people discovered that it was MS thru the DVD driver detected what kind of game were you playing basically detecting if you were playing a game right now but the disc was a DVD-/+r which is NOT suppose to be happening also according to some people it doe not happened automatically but it has to detect you several times that is why there are people with mod consoles who survived the first bann and some but reduced number the second one other people have reported that if you play "backup" games while not connected to live you are "ok"

and well the whole illegal things is kind of fuzzy cuz a lot of people say they mod their 360 to play games from other regions as with the PS2 back in the days, other say that is to protect their games from being scratched by the 360 and other simply say that they wont spend 60 bucks for short non multiplayer games

@TheMART at Xboxkings: not all games are region free for example the US Ace Combat 6 only works on American and japanese 360s an not PAL or how Amped 3 only works on America and Pal systems but not japanese while Blade Storm is specific region locked for each region console, but at the end a lot of people use it as an excuse to justify piracy (or other) just read the thread about Live bannings that was posted in N4G a couple of weeks ago most people there gave really bogus excuses of why they had mod 360s so at the end as part of my "why people say they do it" it is NOT bogus

TheMART3957d ago

Charlie, there are some flaws in your post, but this one certainly is bogus:

"and well the whole illegal things is kind of fuzzy cuz a lot of people say they mod their 360 to play games from other regions as with the PS2 back in the days"

Because the region lock still stays in place. So region free games can be imported also original to play. There is no need to mod a 360 if you want to play other region games (as long as they're regionfree, which are a lot, I've been playing imported games and the best/biggest IP's mostly are region free (Bioshock, PGR4, COD4 etc.)

jack who3957d ago

so he unban is live acc or his 360?i dont get it

TheMART3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

The Live account never gets banned by using a hacked firmware, the console can get banned. Live accounts can get banned if you act inapropriate on live and there is no way to unban that.

What he did, is using another (not banned) 360's key and put it into the banned 360, to get it unbanned. It's a very nice job, but pretty unusefull for anyone that has a banned 360, because you need another 360 that gets pretty useless by this.

It would only be usefull if there was an app that could generate those keys that are legit I guess.

jack who3957d ago

@ TheMART at Xboxkings

if so then this is stupid...that means he had to go buy another 360

TheMART3957d ago


This is only great news for hackers. You know. To get to know the console to hack it further. It has no purpose for anyone else. Although there will be some that make a fraud out of it, buy a console, change the code with their own current banned 360 and take the other one back to the shop and get back their money... Pretty sad actually

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BigKev453957d ago

This is the Xbox King, if anyone is caught doing this we will suspend your account for life! LOL.

FamilyGuy3957d ago

The idea is pretty good actually, Key generators are made all the time, so that is all that would be needed to make this useful.

Nice find

jack who3957d ago

yeah good luck with that... have yet to see a working mspoint Key generator now you talking bout a 360 code generator.

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