Thief 4 artwork sneakily appears, then vanishes into the shadows

Artwork for the still-super-secretive Thief 4 have been leaked onto the internet by a storyboard artist – whose blog has since mysteriously vanished from existence.

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japanesedudegirl2447d ago

I am a sucker for Thief news.

Human Analog2447d ago

Me too! I hope they learn from Deus Ex, and make this better.

lastdual2447d ago

Exactly. Human Revolution gives me some faith that they won't mess up Thief. Keep the open-ended levels (with plenty of crawlspaces), non-lethal takedowns & excellent AI, and this will be one of my most anticipated titles for next year.

Human Analog2447d ago

I hope they didn't blackjack the artist/blogger, and drag him away.