Should Consumers Bear The Costs Of Production?

Jeff Cork: "Gamers have grown accustomed to paying standard prices for games, depending on the platform. New PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases are typically priced at $59.99, and Wii games go for about $49.99. Handheld games are a usually a bit cheaper, with DS titles going for $29.99 and 3DS games at $39.99. Capcom's Resident Evil: Revelations is bucking that pricing structure, with the 3DS release selling for $10 above the norm, at $49.99. The publisher says it's because the game is shipping on a larger cartridge. Our question is simple: Is that your problem?"

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GunofthePatriots2454d ago

I'm not buying the game now. Although I want to...I can't. I'm tired of Capcom's BS. They nickle and dime their consumers and I will take a stand.

-$50 for you, hopefully others follow.

cochise3132453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I second that. They're getting out of hand. I miss the old capcom. This is the beginning of the end for capcom. They're now survivng on their fighting games, which are good but is poisoned with dlc. No one is going to buy that game for 50 bucks. I thought there was a price cap on what companies could sale games for.

crxss2453d ago

i think in-game advertising should pay for it :D i honestly wouldn't mind it if it saved me $20 per game. ooh inflation...

Venox20082453d ago

I think I'll wait for a price drop.. are they so stupid or they don't know that in regular price they could make more profit, I mean in quantity

Saryk2453d ago

In my opinion only, they can charge what they want, when they want. As a consumer, I can spend what and when I want.

Tanir2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

exactly, its basic marketing, consumers always pay for the production, the over head, shipping, parts, raw materials, labor, etc.

people are just stupid and think its only "Insert company here"

happens everywhere, Gas, food, furniture, anything, its up to you whether you need or want it bad enough.

the nice option we have in games is Wait til the price drops, Eventually it will be 20 bucks, so the cry babies can just wait.

people act like the 50$ tag goes all to capcom, they only get maybe 40-50% of that

Venox20082453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I think about 70 %

Nerdmaster2453d ago

Well, I really disliked Resident Evil 5. And I bought it twice - the PC version when it launched, and later the Gold Edition for PS3, because Capcom refused to release the extra content on PC (I was curious about it) and a friend reeeally wanted to try the co-op (the PC version doesn't have local multiplayer).

Up until now Revelations seems way better than 5. So I don't mind paying a little more when comparing to other 3DS games. Heck, I would even pay $60 if it continues to prove that it's how 5 should've been.

Squatch832453d ago

If we want the game, yes we should be prepared to pay.
And those moaning about 50 dollars... be glad u dont live in the UK, where we pay in excess of the equivalent of 60 dollars for our 3DS games already.

klecser2453d ago

As much as I hate the principle of increase (4GB SD is NOT an excuse. Memory is cheap, even proprietary.), the articles about the "Raid" mode makes it sound like its two solid games in one and if that is the case it would be worth it.

MasterCornholio2453d ago

I pretty much agree. Many Vita games are on four gigabyte cartridges and they only cost 40 euros. 50 seems a bit much for a handheld game.


klecser2453d ago

To be totally fair to Capcom, the game will also feature full voice acting which is a-typical of handheld games to this point and does cost money. What everybody is really upset about is the dick move of it being "sprung" like this. Capcom's timing has just been horrible as of late. Crappy economies world wide. We're all getting punched in the faces financially and money is generally tight for luxuries like this. So people get pissed off when their luxuries cost more. I mean, we could be starving, and I get that, but the pure consumer in me doesn't like to get kicked while I'm on the ground. THat summarizes the last five years for most people and this is just more poison.

Squatch832453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

40 Euros is equivalent to 54 dollars.

40 Euros is also equivalent to 34 pounds... I am expecting Vita games to be 40 pounds at least.

We get ripped off massively in the UK.

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