Battlefield 3: PS3 Owners Account For The Most Active Online Players

EA’s much anticipated first-person shooter has been available for the PS3, 360 and PC since late October but according to statistics constantly updated on Battlefield 3′s official website, PS3 owners account for the most active online players globally.

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Optical_Matrix2305d ago

Well I've personally already clocked 20 hours of Online play since I got it last thursday (PS3 version). Games stupidly addictive and the most fun I've ever had with an FPS. Only other FPS I've liked it Killzone 2-3 so that says a lot really lol

Forbidden_Darkness2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Yeah, i'm loving BF3s online on the PS3 too. I just gotta get into other game modes though. I've just been playing TDM to get a feel for BF3 and such, but I really wanna experiance team work at its best.

Btw, if you haven't, you should really try Crysis 1/2, you might find those games to be awesome FPSs as well.

SJPFTW2305d ago

i had crysis 2 and the multiplayer was really good however the reason i got rid of it were the servers and lag on the PS3 were terrible

torchic2305d ago

there was no lag on Crysis 2 MP. that game's MP runs soo smoothly.

egidem2305d ago

This doesn't surprise me. For example there are more PS3 owners playing Burnout Paradise than there are on the Xbox 360. I can hardly find a game to play on 360, but plenty on the PS3

ATi_Elite2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

1. is in NO relation to EA, DICE, or Origin and is in NO way an OFFICIAL SITE of EA DICE or BF3.

2. the stats change all the time so if you take a snapshot in the morning those with jobs, school, etc are not playing. take it around 8 p.m. and the story changes.

3. according to sales break down the 360 sold more units than the Ps3 so far and I have No clue what the PC did except for the maybe 500k retail copies that were sold and i guess EA says they sold 500k Digital so i think over a million but what about Direct2Drive and all the other Digital guys?

4. Now with UC3 out I'm sure pS3 gamers are playing UC3 more than BF3 just how Gears3 is getting heavy play on the 360 and PC Gamers are playing whatever (Red Orchestra 2 for me) more than BF3.

5. article is lame cause it tries to incite flaimbait and it's statement of Official are horribly WRONG!

gamingdroid2305d ago

That is a good point, because PS3 tends to be more popular in other regions. So depending on the time of the data, can be skewed.

Furthermore, an unofficial site might have skewed data based on their user demographics.

Is there a way to see this in battle log or in the lobby?

cvflyboy2305d ago

U know whats crazy? I owned killzone 2 and wasn't really able to get into it at all, but bf3 really made me appreciate fps in a new light

BakedGoods2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

PS3 gamers are a more sophisticated bunch. Games like BF3 that require complex strategies and teamwork do well on the system.

The 360 gamer seems content with one or two major exclusives a year (Halo, Gears) while playing the usual CoD matches in between.

Of course there are deviations from the norm, but after years of playing both systems online you can see the trend (although UC3 has finally gotten me to put down Gears 3).

otherZinc2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Also, 360 people figured out BF3 is overrated as hell! I'm glad I rented that ****!

There were:
1.7million 360 versions sold Americas
.9million PS3 versions sold Americas
.5million 360 versions sold overseas
.56million PS3 versions sold overseas

The single player is absolute garbage!
Scripted and Set Pieced all over the damn game.

PetitPiPi2305d ago

Stop baking those illegal goods dude. Fantasy land is not doing you any good.

PinchoVe2305d ago

What an arrogant thing to say. The fact that I like Call of Duty over Battlefield (I do) or Xbox over PS3 (i don't) doesn't make me more or less 'sophisticated' (what an incoherent adjective to use) than anyone else.

This BF3 vs. CoD and PS3 vs. 360 debate is so absurd, yet it continues to pop up everywhere, it's as if people are oblivious to the preferences of everyone else if they don't share them. Play your BF3 on your PS3, it still doesn't make you better or worse, smarter or dumber, than ANYONE else playing ANYTHING, just enjoy your damn game!

Letros2305d ago

Not a very good troll

XDF2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Of course there are more PS3 kids online than both PC or X360. It is currently morning/afternoon in the US during a weekday, adults have work or college classes to attend to. Try checking in about 5-6 hours later and you will see the changes.

thehitman2305d ago

Actually... More adults are on during the day than kids since kids go to school in morning-afternoon while adults who have college classes like me are there for like 2-4 hrs can go home and BF3 all day lol. Not to mention the number of unemployed.

latinalover2305d ago

There are mpre adults on the ps3 than xbox 360 kids

SDF Repellent2305d ago

"PS3 gamers are a more sophisticated bunch"

LOL, I almost choke on my sandwich and fell off the chair when I heard that.

2305d ago
guhati2304d ago

U sure it was a sandwich?

2305d ago
papashango2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Lol sophisticated. Mw3 is going to be the best selling ps3 game this year so just stop there

Its hard to tell if ps3 fanboys are trolling because most of them really think that way

latinalover2305d ago

Sells doesnt count. Its all about gameplay.

gamingdroid2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

That's what the general public says about gamers:

"Games are for an immature bunch of people!"

Congrats! You have just been confirmed ignorant!

I ironically, there will be more people playing MW3 than BF3 on the PS3 during the same timeframe after release....

torchic2305d ago

i will agree that the 360 is, you could say, the lesser hardcore console of the two. Microsoft have positioned themselves in such a way. and you could argue that Battlefiled 3 isn't played as much by the more casual gamers than CoD.

however sophistication has nothing to do with anything. i'm enjoying BF3 but i still go back to Black Ops a lot. i own a PS3.

bloodybutcher2305d ago

yeah...and where did you get this ´´fact´´?i own only ps3 and i met so many idiocy spewing kids and adults online that it´s really sad.maybe you should visit Home and notice all morons running around and insulting everyone they can.thank god that hs is not included with ps3, otherwise numbers of idiots shouting obscenities in your ear would be much higher.

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PimpHandHappy2305d ago

Just got UC3 so maybe a couple weeks

akaFullMetal2305d ago

I need to get this game, but like pimphandhappy, im on UC3 now.

Ducky2305d ago

When did bf3stats become "Battlefield3's official website"?

Also, those numbers only tell you how many people are playing at the moment. The numbers change over time. The article's conclusion is more or less meaningless.

PetitPiPi2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Pretty much. Fanboy article confirmed! I would love to know where they got those numbers from. And at what time of day.

130k users online is somewhat disappointing tbh. So much for COD's competition.

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