PlayStation Home Redesign Coming This Thursday

PlayStation Blog writes: "The next stage of PlayStation Home‘s evolution will arrive on your PS3 this Thursday, November 3rd. This enormous update integrates games, quests, community events and user-generated content, while providing players with additional navigation, shopping, socialization, and entertainment options."

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GamerSciz2391d ago

Wow and all this free...such an amazing online experience.

akaFullMetal2391d ago

Looks like they are pushing more on gaming in home than socializing, which is great in my eyes. People can play and then chat and that is what people want to do.

FredEffinChopin2391d ago

Time to re-visit. Maybe even waste some serious time.

pileobunnies2391d ago

I'll give it another look. Hopefully it'll be a bit more interesting than the boring people with nothing to talk about who seemed to populate the Singstar part of Home like it was a meat market.

Godmars2902391d ago

Bit funny that they went to the trouble of making Home's central plaza look like its being reconstructed/demolished, but for Halloween they had old complete/intact set.

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The story is too old to be commented.