Only 17% of Battlefield 3 Players Have Completed the Campaign

Is the Battlefield 3 campaign boring, repetitive, or linear...or all three? A shockingly low amount of BF3 players have completed the single-player campaign.

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BakedGoods2452d ago

I'm actually enjoying the single-player. I think people underestimated how cinematic it is.

DeFFeR2452d ago

I enjoyed the first campaign level, but I'm taking advantage of the surplus of people on the MP servers while it lasts. 24 player games are fun - the 12-18 player games we'll see in a few months aren't AS fun. Maybe the dedicated servers will fix that?

Anyway - in summation - The MP isn't a "lasts forever" experience, while the SP will be there for a day when the servers crap out, or when there aren't a ton of people on.

malol2452d ago

i want to play the damn thing

still waiting for a fix

cyborg69712452d ago

I haven't even touched it. Its all about mp with this game.

solar2452d ago

I havent in CoD4, BLOPS, BC2, or BF3. I could care less.

DeFFeR2452d ago

^ Solar - did you play Bad Company 1? I loved the campaign in 1 - it was lighthearted and funny - it didn't take itself too seriously

TooTall192452d ago

I got through the first level when the online servers weren't working. Once I finished the first level I was anxious to stop and try and get into a mp match.

Trunkz Jr2452d ago

Maybe cause their all playing online?

iamnsuperman2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Well I am not surprised. Considering most review told people to avoid single player and the rise in people just playing multiplayer.

Also a big note to consider is that this is just raptr not BF gamers in general (barely 100,000)

Trainz2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I'm so sorry but I have to disagree with you there.

Son_Lee2452d ago

I watched some of the campaign and it looks like a really fun ride! Of course the majority of people buy it for the mutliplayer.

Forbidden_Darkness2452d ago

Its enjoyable enough for a FPS, but compared to the multiplayer, it's meh. Seriously, the multiplayer is addicting and a hell of alot of fun.

Spenok2452d ago

I just beat it earlier today. I thought it was a very good sp. Most definitly not the best out there. But it was well worth playing. And much better then the reviews let off.

Now that I'm done with that, its back to mp :D

kma2k2452d ago

Im part of the 17% & it really wasnt much to write home about. It was pretty much Meh!

Saryk2452d ago

I wish the game had bots. But people want to enjoy the multiplayer while it is hot, we all can play the SP when we please........

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The story is too old to be commented.