DanceStar Party: Critical Gamer review

Critical Gamer writes: It had to happen, really. Having all but dominated the karaoke genre with its SingStar series, Sony’s London Studio has moved into the lucrative market of games that encourage – nay, demand – people to dance at their televisions. Lacking the arguably ideal tech of Kinect, the traditional dance mat option has here been ignored in favour of PlayStation Move.

The idea of a dancing game relying on a peripheral held in one hand is rather bizarre; but that hasn’t stopped a legion of games using a similar system infecting the Wii. A crucial difference here of course is the presence of the PlayStation Eye camera which, it seems safe to presume, does some of the motion tracking. Kung-Fu Live proved that it’s capable of aping Kinect to a degree; and while it’s hard to judge the accuracy of the motion tracking while you’re busy making a prat of yourself by dancing by the window, it does seem that how close you are (or are not) sticking with the on-screen actions is monitored very well.

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