Saints Row the Third Gameplay (Planet Saints, Ambush and Getaway)

@XG247: We're back for more! This time we check out Planet Saints, sadly get ambushed whilst buying some new 'threads' and then we'd best getaway!

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dourvas2450d ago

lol as much as i like sr today is gta day...

farhad2k82450d ago

I want to know how many people canceled their pre-orders for this game after todays EPIC trailer.
I always knew GTA was king. I just hope it comes out soon!


I think GTA is that far away that it wont really affect people wanting to cancel or anything.

But I do think GTA just kind of showed that it's still got what it takes and as far as graphics and atmosphere go, the 3rd have nothing on GTA.

For people like me who maybe would have bought SR3, now we have less reason to.

StraightPath2450d ago

Saints Row what Saints Row? GTA 5 THATS WHAT

BigPappaPump2450d ago

Is it me or did today's trailer make St Row the 3rd an afterthought?

Convas2450d ago

Not for me. Saints Row: The Third and Prototype 2 will be the open world games that keep me sane till Grand Theft Auto V drops. Then it will be GTAV all day, every day.

MasterD9192450d ago

Saints Row is completely customizable...down to your character, clothing, pad and vehicles. GTA still hasn't mastered that.

GTA IV wasn't as great as people make it out to be. It felt like a step-down in terms of gameplay compared to San Andreas. I need to see more from GTA V before I go ahead and say it looks better than SR3 like a jackass.