Deus Ex: Human Revolution boosts Square Enix profit forecast, rockets skyward

Publisher Square Enix has significantly upgraded their profit forecast for the six months ending September 30th, going from 1.5 billion to 3.7 billion YEN, thanks to exceeded expectations.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution played a big role in pushing those figures up, as did growth in Square's smartphone, social and online markets. Euro exchange rate hurting though.

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BakedGoods2450d ago

Well deserved. Deus Ex is my GOTY this year.

Forbidden_Darkness2450d ago

Sadly, I won't get to play this game until sometime next year, with MW3, Skyrim, HALO AE and ACR coming out within the next two weeks. Still, it does look like an awesome game.

Maester072450d ago

Why not just get Deus Ex now that it's been out and come down in price, and wait for Skyrim to reduce its price and then buy it once you've finished DE? It's well worth it, especially on PC.

Forbidden_Darkness2450d ago

I already own it. Got it cheap a couple weeks ago, but I just wont have the time. There's no way I can wait to play Skryim and I also have to play it when my brother is here to watch it (because he wants to see it, but doesn't like the controls), so next year will give me more time.

Kinetix2450d ago

Is DE really that good? It was so not on my radar but I keep hearing good things about it.

Captain Tuttle2450d ago

I got it for a buck through OnLive. Seems pretty good so far, worth a buck least.

Dark_Overlord2450d ago

I think someone needs to show this to Wada and say 'this is what happens when you take the time to make a good game'

Hayabusa 1172450d ago

It's definitely worth it! Don't expect anything ground breaking technically, but it's probably one of my favourite games of all time, mostly because of the art and aesthetics (I love the Metal Gear Solid meets cyber punk feel.)

I'm glad to hear it's helped boost their profits, let's hope it encourages them to invest alot into the next one!

CLOUD19832450d ago

he.. with all the sh1ty games SE releasing the last years their gains reduced by a lot so I guess they r happy they decide to buy Eidos at least them releasing quality games and the new Tomb Raider seems to be awesome.

tiffac0082449d ago

Let me just say SE buying Eidos was the best move they made this generation. I'll tip my hats off to Wada for making that happen, even though I think its he's fault that SE is having a lackluster generation.

tarbis2449d ago

I still say Fire Wada!