What we want to see in Skyrim [Gamerockers]

Gamerockers take a long hard look at the brilliant Oblivion and discuss what we'd like to see improved in Skyrim.

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JS1HUNDRED2330d ago

Worst article ever! Based on its lack of information, you would think it was written a year ago. Everything they have mentioned has already been revealed.

Kintypoo1212330d ago

Sure, it's not a great article, we're eagerly awaiting the code so we can find out ourselves for certain (expo alpha was not conclusive), as Oblivion promised more than it delivered, they dumbed down the AI before the game launched due to the AI doing strange things. It was just a quick article really to remind people we're getting the review code from bethesda shortly :P Not the worst thing i've ever read, but appreciate your comments, any criticism is a good thing, check out our reviews if you get chance, they're of a higher quality :)

lMHl2330d ago

Plus they didnt metion tits

Kintypoo1212330d ago

We'll try to mention tits once the review code is released :P

eak32329d ago

huge gigantic dark elf tits

sohaben2329d ago

we've already seen a lot of the new features..