In-Game Advertising to Reach $2 Billion by 2014

A new report from market research firm DFC Intelligence has stated that advertisers spent more than $1 billion USD using videogames to promote their products and services in North America last year, and has predicted that in accordance with the increased popularity of videogames, the amount spent promoting products and services within interactive products will double by 2014. A wide variety of companies across a number of sectors use these tools as part of their marketing strategy. Automobile, film, and food and beverage companies in particular reach customers through games.

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2179d ago
cochise3132179d ago

I don't mind in game advertising as long as it's kept under control. That money help with dev costs.

dangert122179d ago

If my game goes down in price and it does not interupt or change gameplay its okay with me

Saryk2179d ago

Let see if the price of games goes down! I bet it doesnt......

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