“Forget Grand Theft Auto” Saints Row Ads Begin

You have to feel sorry for THQ and the Saints Row team, who were finally gearing up to release The Third, content in the knowledge that it has been years since GTA IV released, and that there hasn’t been any news on GTA V. But just as THQ got their marketing campaign geared up to take on Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, Rockstar decided to spoil the party. Now, it looks like the publisher doesn’t want to go down without a fight, and has begun an anti-GTA ad campaign. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2304d ago

Can't fault them for trying, but yeah, Rockstar was pretty cunning/evil with the timing of the announcement and trailer.

Trainz2304d ago Show
Jamzluminati2304d ago

It would be funny is GTA V was going to be released next month. You remember the old days of gaming?

Trainz2304d ago

Sorry man but you can't possibly expect me not to disagree with that.

Jamzluminati2304d ago

Lol! I would love if it was.

AntoineDcoolette2304d ago

After seeing the new GTA trailer I don't give a shit about Saints Row third

WANNAGETHIGH2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Truth b told this Gen saintrow is winning in the opean world game.. Its just more fun. Or elese GtaV can go back to GtaSA saintrow is the new king of over the top fun. I miss my jets,gang wars,over the top guns..e.t.c but those things r in saintrow3.

NnT32912304d ago

Sr 2 was fun for like 2 days. Gta 4 might not be as good as people hoped it to be, but it stll had 10x more depth and details than all Sr games combined.

Jake_the_Dog2304d ago

lol at the fangirl disagrees.

WetN00dle692304d ago

Well for now GTA 5 will be a thing of next year. Yeah we are all excited to see the trailer no doubt about that BUT truth be told for now and until GTA 5 releases its all about Saints Row the Third baby!

Yardie2304d ago

I disagree, i don't like the way saints row forces madness down your throat, for example, the dildo in the middle of the street, that just makes finding a dildo soooooooo boring and worthless, whereas in San Andreas, the dildo was hidden in the police department's shower.

its the subtlety that makes gta fun (to me anyway)

vickers5002302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

"but it stll had 10x more depth and details than all Sr games combined."

Yeah, depth like lame ass virtual dates, details like crappy, unfun driving physics.

The only things GTA4 had over SR2 were the graphics and the story, which lets be honest here, nobody plays a GTA game for.

Saint's Row 2 had better mission variety, 100x more customization options than gta4, driving physics that were actually FUN to use (realism needs to get the hell out of sandbox games), a lot of awesome/interesting/cool weapons to use (gta4 had BY FAR the most generic weapon set I've ever seen in a video game), better way to input cheats (and better cheats themselves), better controls (playing a character in gta4 felt like a ball and chain was tied to my character at all times, with the gravity around me somehow tripled), far better vehicles, and just so many other things that made SR2 better than GTA4.

GTA4 did have a more detailed sandbox with more detailed AI, but none of that matters if it's not fun to interact with (cause rampages in). Rampages in GTA4 were TERRIBLE. No cheat for unlimited ammo or unlimited health, a cell phone that when you try to actually enter cheats in that matter (restore health/armor), when you get shot, it gets put away and you have to start all over again and somehow find a secluded place where no one will shoot you while you have the maximum number of wanted stars active.

GTA4 was not a proper grand theft auto game. Hopefully GTA5 isn't very similar to GTA4, because GTA4 was a massive disappointment for me.

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Steamworx2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

i think the GTA5 trailer will be here today around 5PM GMT.

still getting saints row as well. both are gonna be great titles.

doctorstrange2304d ago

In an hour and 18 mins. Clocks went back, so it's 4PM BST.

farhad2k82304d ago

How desperate are they now?
They know they have no chance.
It's the MW3 vs BF3 story all over again.
GTA will conquer, Saints Row 3 is too color-died, and looks like a childs dream to bash stuff with purple dildos and fly out of rockets.
GTA IV is more realistic, and based on the original story.

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knifefight2304d ago

I'm interested in that "ethical reality climax" they're advertising.

insertcoin2304d ago

Saints Row The Third will be more awesome than Grand Theft Auto V.

Marquis_de_Sade2304d ago

If Rockstar produce the game they're capable of, then I don't see that happening. GTAIV: Complete Edition is one of the finest packages available this generation, and I really hope GTAV tops this.

Etseix2304d ago

"If Rockstar produce the game they're capable of, then I don't see that happening. " well said, but we all know Rockstar is not likely to do that haha. Ill wait for the trailer.

CaptainPunch2304d ago

Hmm you've played both games?

ape0072304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

hhhhhhhhh saints row the third is gonna be amazing but I simply cannot take it seriously against grand theft auto

GTA is simply Gold, have that "Magic" feel

saints row look kinda cheap generic silly in comparison

TheBeast2304d ago

Didn't this happen with Call of Duty and Battlefield?

WetN00dle692304d ago

Yeah it probably did BUT that doesnt mean that the outcome will be the same right? Youd be stupid to think that the outcome will be the same.

NYC_Gamer2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

real low move right here but it won't work

joinsideke2304d ago

Agreed. Too little, too late. You can't ever spite a game into sales. It feels like begging for attention. You remember how well that worked as a child? Remember how much respect that got you?

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