Top 11 PC Open World Rpg’s (From the last 11ish years)

"in anticipation of Skyrims imminent 11/11/11 release here’s a list of Top 11 open world Rpg’s you can check out during the next few sleepless nights of feverish waiting. In the spirit of open worlds, the interpretation of “11 years” is some what loose."

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rattletop2329d ago

wtf? where's witcher 2?

rattletop2329d ago

how come it's not open world? okay maybe u can't move between kingdoms when u like but the places itself was big enough.floatsam for e.g

JsonHenry2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Ugh, man, I love Arcanum. Kinda disappointing not to see Divine Divinity on the list. Another fantastic game anyone that doesn't have horrible ADHD should give a go.

And I think Daggerfall was better than Morrowind. It had a larger world, most of which was randomly generated with each new character. You could not only become a vampire, but a werewolf and a wereboar! All of which let you climb walls like they were made of ladders and becoming a vampire let you levitate as well.

gornak2328d ago

Daggerfall had what felt like endless possibilities and was way, way, way bigger than Oblivion with its huge imposing, intimidating world that would have taken you something like 2 weeks of real time from end to end on foot.

But. Morrowind had way more personality and was better put together.

JsonHenry2327d ago

Well I hope Morrowind was more put together. It came out years later with much better hardware pushing it.

For the TIME it came out in Daggerfall was way more advanced than Morrowind. That isn't to say Morrowind wasn't fantastic. But if you explain to people how large Daggerfall was, then explained all the features missing from the follow up games, then told people it was released back in what, 1996-97?, most people would NOT believe a game like that could have existed back then.

Letros2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

No Gothic 1 & 2, or Risen? Some of those games are not even open world, and one came out in 1996...

Aggesan2329d ago

Im missing fallout 3 on that list.