Naughty Dog: Ideas not more important than graphics... yet

According to Naughty Dog’s Richard Lemarchand, we’re getting to the stage where great ideas will be more important than graphics technology… but we’re not quite there yet, he says.

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led10902452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

I don't agree. As great as they are at making games, ideas are what the gaming industry needs. With so much saturation in almost every genre, ideas are what will keep gaming fresh and unique, not graphics

news4geeks2452d ago

well, the title on n4g makes it sound like his claim is in contrast to your opinion, but really all he's saying is that when the graphics capabilities improve developers will have an easier time putting more focus on ideas.

Crazyglues2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Yeah this is a good point but let's keep it real, right now Graphics- pays the bills... -so to speak. Half of these games like Gears of War and Uncharted would have never been bought if they didn't look amazing

If Naughty dog didn't have amazing graphics it would probably have less then half the sales.. I mean one of the main things that is talked about whenever someone mentions the game is the graphics.. -how amazing it looks..

Gamers like to feel like they are in that world, and graphics are a big part of creating that submersion, so I would say sure we need innovation and great ideas but at the end of the day you will also need graphics because today it's just as important as anything else going into the game..


gamingdroid2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

That is BS!

Halo 3 wasn't exactly the graphical marvel, but sold very well and played the [email protected] out. CoD doesn't look as good as BF3, but I expect it to vastly outsell BF3.

PC has the potential to have superior graphics, yet it's the platform that sells the fewest hardcore games of the big four competitors!

Nintendo Wii is hardly a powerhouse, yet it sold the most consoles and probably most games on a single platform. During the last generation, the dominating console was the PS2, which was inferior to the Xbox and GameCube in the graphics department.

Time and time again, we see technical capabilities and graphical power as a second fiddle.

I would argue that Uncharted and Gears got more attention due to the graphics, but it sold because it was a great game and that is reflected in the review scores.

Yet, BF3 didn't score as high and it had the best multi-platform graphics of late in a very popular genre.

Graphics is a great marketing tool, but only if the game is actually good.

GarandShooter2452d ago

@ droid

Halo what? 3? It's already been established. I think he's referring to the original GeoW and UC. I would say he's correct, if that is truly his meaning.

I would also agree with you, that after the franchise has been established, gameplay is what keeps people coming back. I honestly would have bought the sequels to both franchises if the graphics had remained static, because I enjoyed the gameplay that much.

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ATi_Elite2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Fresh ideas lead to better graphics and better graphics lead to fresher ideas which lead to even better graphics and brighter ideas........and so on!

The industry is just over saturated with FPS cause COD has made several oil tankers worth of CA$h.....

Just like the PC is over saturated with generic MMORPG's cause WOW has made enough ca$h to paper mache the Moon.

Publishers keep forcing Devs to make these games cause they are simple to make and yield easy cash. As gamers we need to stop buying them...except the truly good ones thus forcing Pubs/Devs to come up fresher ideas faster.

At this point Pubs/Devs need to start flooding the industry with Uncharted type games cause UC is epic.

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mamotte2452d ago

we're officially graphic whores.

Valkyre2452d ago

Fail N4G title is fail...

read the article and you will understand what he means...

pucpop2452d ago

I have never denied sweet graphics. I want the best. It pushes the wow factor. Bring it on.

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