What if Quake was done today

DSOGaming writes: "Now that’s hilarious. We all know how most FPS games got dumbed down over the course of the past few years but watching a classic fast-paced FPS, like Quake, being remade by today’s standards is funny as hell. Simple graphics options, slow-paced gameplay, pop-up menus, enormous target icon, achievements and childish boss battles are re-imagined with a sense of humor."

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Thrungus2329d ago

Well, id software must be up to something OTHER than Doom 4!

Cajun Chicken2329d ago

Personally, thought this was GENIUS.

kevnb2329d ago

investors wouldnt let them make it pc exclusive, even though it would be for the best. Try to convince an investor releasing on one platform is better than 3... Maybe nvidia and amd should get involved with a few "first party" games.

Letros2329d ago

lmao nice video, too true, consoles have dumbed down everything, this would be a modern day Quake.

Check out Hard Reset if you're looking for an old school fix.

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