Wired: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Reviewed as a Film

Andy Robertson writes "Visually, I was disappointed that Elena has succumbed to a Hollywood face and body. I enjoyed her boyish movements and slightly androgynous features in the first game, and was happy that they continued into Uncharted 2. Here though she is much more typically feminine and has features that match the manufactured look of film starlets. She is simply a much less interesting looking, and less believable, person for this."

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TheBlackMask2426d ago

Why do people keep going on about Elenas looks....she looks better then the last game.

"Elena has succumbed to a Hollywood face and body"

She's always had a hot's Emily Rose. They've taken more detail for the motion cap actors and applied them to thier in game characters.

StanLee2426d ago

No she doesn't. Her face looks weird. She looks very different. It may look better to some but how different she looks is a bit jarring.

Biggest2426d ago

This is a new level of crazy. Uncharted 3 is now officially the GT5 of non-racing video games. What's next? Will someone make an article wondering why one of the bad guys had a less than pefect accent?

Oldman1002426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I agree, Elena in Uncharted 1 and 2 both look very similar, which establishes the look of her character. In Uncharted 3, because they changed her eyes, she looks like a totally different person to me.

In my opinion, her artificial looking eyes in u3 don't provide her character with that same degree of realism and relatability that she has in u2.

miyamoto2426d ago

I agree i find it disturbing that her eyes looked more Asian although i am amazed by how Chloe looks so bery special this time around. i think A.Kim Naughty Dogs artist is Asian ...that is why.

theonlylolking2426d ago

All it looks like is that Elena decide to put on make up.

Hicken2426d ago

A character gets a makeover and it's the end of the world. END OF THE WORLD, I SAY!

I like Chloe better, anyway.