Top Gear's former 'Stig' is impressed by Slightly Mad Studios' latest sim racing game, C.A.R.S

DSOGaming writes: "We all pretty much know Stiq from the Top Gear series. Everyone was impressed by his driving skills and pretty much all of us wanted to be in his shoes. So when the former 'Stiq' and race driver, Ben Collins, is saying that C.A.R.S is as good as real-life simulators, you really know that Slightly Mad Studios little gem is something unique indeed. In addition, Ben Collins has also joined Slightly Mad Studios and their WMD-powered C.A.R.S. project last month and has compared the developing title to professional driving simulators."

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ProjectVulcan2425d ago

Some say people don't know how to spell his name...and...they are right.

hiredhelp2425d ago

This the group made NFS SHIFT SERIES. Stig needs to play GT5

Letros2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

These guys also worked on realistic sims known as GT-R, which puts GT5 to shame in terms of being a true sim. GT5 is a great console game though.

Don't be fooled by NFS Shift, it was backed (and held back) by EA funding and demands.

PC is really only where you can put the most realistic sims out on, check out iRacing, you can race against actual NASCAR and F1 drivers for cash.

C.A.R.S. looks to be the revolutionary. Can't Wait.

WitWolfy2425d ago

I dunno playing a racing sim on a PC seems a bit stupid to me....

Letros2425d ago

You don't know what your missing, triple screen true racing FOV, community made and rated cars and courses, the largest selection of wheels, C.A.R.S. looks to have state of the art graphics (full DX11 engine), something PC sims have lacked until now.

Did you think people played with a keyboard?

Perjoss2425d ago

"Did you think people played with a keyboard?"

Somebody2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I once tried GT-R with a Logitech wheel and pedals setup. Scared the hell out of me. I wasn't really interested in racing around a track since I'm more of a rally fan so I lost interest after that.

Seeing that they are really using the power of the PC to the fullest this time, might as well give C.A.R.S. a try. Not to mention of course the lack of true sim quality rally games out there. Colin Mcrae's Dirt series are fun and all but you can't escape the feeling that there's something missing.

john22425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

@Somebody: I'd kill for a sequel to Richard Burns Rally. Sadly, noone seems interesting in developing a worthy successor. Seriously though, this is epicness ->

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Perjoss2425d ago

C.A.R.S is still in alpha stage, so lets give it a chance shall we?

Taz Yamauchi2425d ago

Actually he is right after all coz he is not STIG, he Stiq