Street Fighter IV Trailer Analysis by GameTrailers

There are clues everywhere, if you know where to look...

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xplosneer3957d ago

But overall we will still have to wait and see.

skynidas3957d ago

i think that it will be 3D

Crazyglues3957d ago

Just think how cool it would be if it actually played and looked just like the trailer, I mean with the next gen consoles that would actually be possible....

Now how crazy would that be.

BIoodmask3957d ago

goes 2.5D that will be fine. Street Fighter should always be played as a 2D game though. It was already proven with Street Fighter 3 that 2D graphics and animation can still go a long way. SF3 has some of the best animations ever portrayed in any hand drawn game.

As a long time hardcore fan of the Street Fighter series and of 2D fighters in general, I think that a Street Fighter game rendered in 3D would be an insult to "true fans" of the series.

Anyone remember Street Fighter EX?? I do, and I thought it was below average at best. I know it was made by ARIKA and not Capcom, but I don't even consider it a "true" Street Fighter game.

skyline20033957d ago

I dont care if its 2d or 3d as long as its good. I kinda want it to stay 2D because of the whole "It if aint broke, dont fix it" thing. Street Fighter has been the sh!t and only being 2D. 3D was possible on last gen consoles (Example Tekken) but 3D was obviously not needed because the Alpha series was still good.

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The story is too old to be commented.