Xboxer360: Kinectimals Now With Bears Review

Xboxer360's Jen Allen writes: No matter how cold hearted or cynical you may be, it’s hard not to descend into a tirade of ‘aww look at the cute little thing. He’s soooo adorable’ when confronted with a baby animal of some description. You might not openly say it but I know you’re thinking it. This is precisely why Kinectimals: Now with Bears! (the exclamation mark is important) is guaranteed to be so popular. It captures that spirit wonderfully. While aimed at children, there’s still a lot to like here for the unsuspecting adult who gets roped into playing it too.

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Anon19742390d ago

I still think every game would be made better by adding bears. Call of Duty, now with Bears! Uncharted 3, with Bears! Kinectimals, now with Bears...and even more freakn bears! RAWR!

I don't know why this amuses me so much. Maybe I'll skip the sugar in my next coffee.

news4geeks2391d ago

great score for a great game

anticooper2391d ago


PetitPiPi2391d ago

I'm sure it will be the GOTY for a few happy kids.

anticooper2386d ago

will you be one of them? please say yes:-)

Noticeably_FAT2390d ago

Not sure why people are acting so surprised that this game is getting great scores. I've also noticed a complete lack of comments in every Dance Central 2 review. Mostly because it's a huge critical success already.

Just because a game might not be for your particular tastes, doesn't make it a bad game. Also, just because a game is for Kinect doesn't make it a bad game or a bad thing. Kinect is starting to find some great games that are scoring very, very well.

As a Kinect owner I'm happier now with my purchase then at any other time.