Swedish court orders teen to take treatment for 'computer game addiction'

A district court in Sweden has ordered a teenager to undergo treatment for his addiction to computer games. The 17-year-old boy's addiction is comparable to forms of substance abuse, doctors say.

The boy's relatives say he rarely leaves home, becomes aggressive or listless when away from his computer, neglects his schoolwork and has little social interaction, according to newspaper Hallands Nyheter.

The case is the fourth time Swedish authorities have ordered treatment for youngsters with computer game addictions, Hallands Nyheter reports.

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clownfacemcgee3957d ago

I think these 4 cases are setting a dangerous precedent. If can order people into rehab for mental addictions to legal substances as trivial as video games, then that broadens the scope of what courts can define as a mental addiction to a legal substance. I'm not familiar with Swedish law, but it would seem to be ludicrous to allow a judge or judges to order people into rehab for eating too much cheese.

ravinash3957d ago

that’s what my dad did when I was on the computer playing civilisations for hours on end.
I would stop long enough to peel the potatoes so he went to the main power box and turned all the power off.
I was pissed off at the time, but now I know I had it coming.

DethWish3957d ago

He's like my brother :/