Bethesda: Fallout New Vegas Awards Vindicate Bugs

SPOnG: "Bethesda has said that it feels "vindicated" by gamers voting for Fallout: New Vegas as the Best RPG at the Golden Joystick Awards, admitting that the game triumphed in the category despite releasing with a large number of bugs and glitches."

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M1chl2452d ago

Please Bethesda let Obsisian do another Fallout. This time in Skyrim engine. New Vegas >>> Fallout 3 i my honest opinion. Love every single second with this game.

brish2452d ago

I think New Vegas was good AFTER they patched it.

Before it was patched it was so buggy it was unplayable.

wallis2452d ago

I enjoyed new vegas, it just felt that by the time I played it I'd already had 3 playthroughs on fallout 3. So I've got 300 hours of fallout clocked before I even pick it up making it feel a little late to the party. And yeah sure new vegas is different to fallout 3 but it's the same engine, same feel and same idea. New Vegas is basically a professional total conversion for fallout 3, so I never really found myself sinking into it the usual number of hours I might sink into oblivion or fallout 3.

Which is a shame because it's just such a better game in every way. Giving obsidian the fallout franchise and either idtech5 or the skyrim engine would be actual proof God exists.

Forbidden_Darkness2452d ago

I just don't think the idtech5 engine would work for the fallout series, simply because I doubt it could handle a huge open world (thus limiting Obsidian and the Fallout universe). I would rather them have the Skyrim engine (which is just a upgraded Fallout engine if I remember correctly), because even though it doesnt produce the best visuals, it works for what the Fallout series.

Ness-Psi2452d ago

so now they have won an award they aint even gonna bother to iron out any bugs in their games.

Solidus187-SCMilk2452d ago

I loved fallout new vegas too, i beat it two or 3 times. But that doesnt meant they couldnt have done a way better job ironing out some of the bugs.

I would have finished it again if it wasnt for a bug that wouldnt update my quest after completing the objectives. One of the NCR quests wouldnt update after I protected the president and so I just decided to not finish it again and sold it.

I got alot of playtime from it as it was when I got it last year, but I would have gotten more playtime if it wasnt full of bugs and glitches, one of with ruined one of my play throughs.

PooEgg2452d ago

My impression of Bethesda is they are a company that releases great games that are full of bugs. It would be nice if they changed and became a company that simply released great games. I worry how buggy Skyrim will be?

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