Quest for the Nintendo Wii leaves many empty-handed

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and if your little one is craving the world's most popular gaming system, you may have a Wii problem.

Last year, Nintendo's Wii gaming console became a latter-day Cabbage Patch Kid or Tickle Me Elmo, prompting long lines of desperate parents haunting gaming emporiums and big chain stores hoping to satisfy the gaming demands of their precious little snowflakes

Well, it seems someone hit the replay button. Here comes the sequel, Quest for Wii 2007.

Electronic game retailers already are under siege, and despite Nintendo's claims that they are churning out Wii consoles at an unprecedented pace, there are few of the $250 units available for consumers.

The alternatives - Sony's PlayStation3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 - just won't do, retailers report.

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Grassroots3830d ago

Someone with some intelligence could tell they have been rationing the machines so there will always be demand and bring a heck of a positive buzz. They should have opened those extra plants they scraped soon after launch, and then consumer would be more happy or kids in the majority of this matter.

ssbains3830d ago

Nintendo have milked the demand situation long enough. There are no cutting edge components in that box. All the components are off the shelf and they choose to starve the consumers to maintain buzz on their console.

This is pathetic, any children who want the console should be able to get one. Nintendo should just bring on Celestica and other manufacturing plants to churn these or face negative press.

razer3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

is this in the 360 section again? And I don't get this.

"Through October, lifetime sales of Wii totaled 5 million, and PS3 totaled 2 million; Xbox, which came on the market four years before its competitors, leads with sales of 7.1 million."


solar3830d ago

took me a wii bit more than 3 months to get my earlier this year. idiots waited this long? they deserve no wii!

Vizion263830d ago

There are over 1.8 million Wiis produced a month. That's an awful lot of Wiis.

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The story is too old to be commented.