GTA 5 trailer: 10 things I don't want to see

OXM's Edwin lists a few things he hopes GTA5 won't be remembered for.

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Lior2453d ago

How was vice city set in new York it was set in miami

yess2453d ago

He said GTA 3 and GTA 4.
GTA 4 is not Vice City.

NukaCola2453d ago

I think the V isn't really 5. They aren't going to do another Liberty City game, there have been five of those already. (GTA, GTA LC STORIES, GTA 3, GTA Chinatown Wars[3 versions], GTA IV.

It's probably going to be something new. I do hope it's orignal. Another Vice or San Andreas is fine, but not a HD remake, be original.

Hanif-8762453d ago

I hope the dating stays but please give us some attractive big booty woman for us to ride lol

dirigiblebill2453d ago

Damn you pigeons. Damn your elusive asses.

Wintersun6162453d ago

Wasn't expecting anything like part 10 of the list. Seeing as this is OXM.

galgor2453d ago

True. It'd be massive if Rockstar announced this for "All Next Generation Consoles" or at least Sony & Microsofts. The Internet just might explode.

In saying that, GTA4 took the series in a different direction so it can be said that Rockstar can deliver something new on this gen of consoles but by going back to the old & expanding on it.

Or just progress further on GTA4. Either way it shouldn't matter, there were 3 GTAs on the PS2 & each one vastly expanded upon the series.

I've got faith in Rockstar, but this journalist doesn't seem to. Either that, or he knows something we don't.

3 hours to go!

Angerfist2453d ago

10 Things i dont want to see
1-10 Every site making an article today what the wanna/dont wanna see in GTA 5!
How does this get approved over and over again?

dirigiblebill2453d ago

Because people want to read about GTA 5?

Angerfist2453d ago

Well thats obvious and everyones gotta do something for a Living and i respect that but when i see the same over and over again i get annoyed, dont take it personnel, i even read the article now.

dirigiblebill2453d ago

Not annoyed! Just stating the obvious :D

Jappy-k72453d ago

my problem with the series is characters look, they are hideous ALL OF THEM "male and female", so i hope they make a decent looking characters this time...

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The story is too old to be commented.