Enslaved Hits Xbox Live Games On Demand Service

GB : Check out this new information from Enslaved.

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cstyle2272d ago

Very underrated game.

Drazz2272d ago

Extremely.Its a solid 9/10.

Persistantthug2272d ago

When you can buy the game for as little as $8 to $20?

TheRichterBelmont2272d ago

Ack, it's only $20 dollars on the US Marketplace.

Persistantthug2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Why do Europeans get gouged so much?

Because the article says it's "29,99€", which is about $40 US.

I mean, that's double the maximum that a disk copy would cost and you can get the game cheaper than that.

Is this common for most games in Europe?

sashimi2272d ago

because your governments put heavy taxes on everything?

F4sterTh4nFTL2272d ago

...and I want a sequel for it.

TheRichterBelmont2272d ago

Great game! Well worth the 20 bucks. Just don't expect a lot of replay value unless you buy the DLC.

Magnus2272d ago

Very good game wish there was a sequal funny thing is I can buy the game cheaper brand new with the disc for 19 great game for someone to own.

earbus2272d ago

I traded it after trip kept falling when i had to make a cloud jump 3 times i tried put it back in the box up till that point it was ok ,if a game frustrates me these days i just stop playing lol frustration isnt fun anymore.