Week recap: PS3 streak, Xbox 360 climb, Wii Black Friday

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 outsold Nintendo Co.'s Wii for a second straight week in Japan retail sales. The PS3 ranked No. 3 in overall hardware sales.

Sony this week announced a new Playstation Store for PC that allows PSP owners to download new content without the PS3 hardware. The store offers free demos and premium content online.

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Jinxstar3886d ago

Numbers would be better then "All doing better" but I guess we all gotta wait huh?

TheXgamerLive3886d ago

But this is all I'd expect from Danja.

Twist Twist Twist.

harpua3886d ago

but of course your fine with with pro 360 headlines when its only North America sales data.

xkiddies = hypocrites

wil4hire3886d ago

100% agreed. Bubbles 4 you.

AuburnTiger3886d ago

There is nothing misleading about this title, and why are you upset at Danja? The title comes straight from the article. Also, the 1st few lines explain that the sales are from Japan. You need to quit getting offended when your system of choice isn't coming in first.

Danja3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Dude it said it was for Japan in the first sentence..!!

Well considering that NA sales estimates won't be out for awhile..what's the prob..

I don't see why ur complaining it was good news for all consoles across the board..but I guess you just can't stand that the PS3 is selling well..and proving nay-sayers like urself wrong..ohh well

xplosneer3886d ago

It says right there "The PS3 ranked 3rd in overall hardware sales"

remix3886d ago

how can you say that.

the ps3 is outselling the 360 in japan AND europe.
maybe its only outselling the wii for alittle while in japan but its still selling better then the 360 in 2 countries.

only place 360 is doing good in is america.maybe you should get out of that cave your in and stop living in denial so you can see that the ps3 is only going uphill from here.

barom3886d ago

@ 2.0
The PS3 is doing well in almost all countries EXCEPT USA (Europe and Japan being the biggest). So much for Japan being national brand loyalty.

@ 2.5
The PS3 ranked 3rd in overall hardware sales behind the PSP and Nintendo DS Lite. It was above X360 and Wii as stated in the article.

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jinn3886d ago

all three consoles win since they all have black colors available. lol

Gondee3886d ago

i want a black wii. Where might i find this.. =)

actas1233886d ago

nothing misleading by old news... I read an article on this site about 5 days ago that says PS3 outsold wii in second straight week...

PS3Freak3886d ago

Sony this week, sony this week, nintendo this week, microsoft this week, retailers this week. START A SENTANCE OFF DIFFERENTLY FOR [email protected] [email protected]!!

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The story is too old to be commented.