Apparently Steve Jobs and Apple have had the most influence on the games industry

Forget PlayStation, the Internet or Mario, it seems Apple has had the biggest impact on the world of video games according to a survey of 1,000 people working within the industry itself.

Apple founder and all round IT visionary Steve Jobs was voted most influential person with 26 per cent of the overall vote (and 46 per cent of the top five winners’ vote). And Apple’s hero gaming device - the iPhone – received one in six (17 per cent) of the votes to take the most influential product moniker.

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Pikajew2361d ago

Nintendo is the most influential company, they did the most for gaming. followed by Valve and Sony

xer02361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

I'm not sure if I agree with you entirely, but I'm not going to disagree with you.

Nintendo has done a lot for gaming but I would say that Sony really brought gaming to the casual crowd with the launch of PS2, which came with a DVD drive and made gaming more acceptable in popular culture.

Valve have made a big contribution also, with STEAM. And we are now seeing the likes of EA, copying Valves model.

With regards to Apple, I believe they are continuing what Sony started with the Playstation brand... only, they have created a whole new business model for gaming on the go.

Right now, I'd say that Apple is probably the most influential at this moment, because of the app store that is now being copied by everyone and their dog.

With Steve Jobs departure (RIP) - I can't see that lasting to long.

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iamnsuperman2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

The thing with Nintendo they go through stages. The last generation was innovation and brought a lot to the market but what before. I personally do not get this obsession that Nintendo are the most influential company because they got motion controls out first. I personally do not see any company above others when it comes to innovation. They all do little parts of gaming which is then replicated (especially with the console companies) by other companies but no company is leading. Microsoft lead the charge in online gaming and service, Nintendo this generation brought gaming to the casual, Sony brought the multimedia console/device to the masses (just this generation).

ZombieAssassin2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

It's not the motion controls, I think it's because most believe they (NiN) helped bring gaming out of the crash it had in the 80's.

Also I don't believe MS lead the charge in online gaming, they just took what PC was doing and charged for it.

xer02361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

It's really hard to disagree with this.

Actually - you have my vote. But Nintendo did do a lot with the Gameboy and Snes.

With regards to the PC - I think Valve have done a lot to vitalise one of the oldest gaming platforms.

gamer2342361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

apple = hype, don't be supprised if you hear apple invented game

iamnsuperman2361d ago

They have changed gaming for the masses by accident. Making a smartphone that could play cheap, addictive games has changed the gaming industry. There platform even encourages indie developers because that is what the app store is built from. Apple may take a chunk but how many new developers are there because of the app store? There's quite a lot

Letros2361d ago

They are great for riding the metro, but not many actually come home from a hard days work and fire up Angry Birds to take a load off.

kneon2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

There were plenty of cheap addictive games available long before the iPhone. There were many 10's of thousands of games available for Symbian, Brew and Java ME. The vast majority of iPhone games are no better than what came before, in fact many are just ports. And some new iPhone games have been ported back to Java ME.

The media never noticed the sales of mobile games before Apple because it was spread across dozens of app stores run by carriers and OEMs, yet they were doing many millions of downloads in aggregate.

What made the iPhone an attractive target for developers had little to do with technology, it was that you had a single place through which to market your app. Previously they would have had to go to each carrier and work out a separate deal, that is hard to do unless you are a big developer.

The first iPhone wasn't even the technological marvel that some would have you believe. It wasn't the first all touch screen phone, though it was the first to use multi-touch as far as I know. But Apple didn't invent multi-touch, it's ancient having been first conceived at the University of Toronto in 1982. It was also lacking in many basic features found even on cheap feature phones.

What they did right with the iPhone was to use a decent touch screen and ship a decent browser. Before that most had used resistive touch screens which generally don't work as well as capacitive. And while there were good mobile browsers available before the iPhone they were usually not the browser that shipped with the phone and so most people never upgraded.

That's about it, no real magic. Just a slightly better phone with a fruit logo on it.

Edit: it took only minutes for a disagree, did you even read it? probably not as there is no rebuttal. I've been in the mobile industry for 25 years, I've seen it all. Maybe to people outside the iPhone was amazing but for those who knew what came before it was just a minor improvement.

Nate-Dog2361d ago

1st place: founder of Apple, 4th place: Inventor of world wide web, 5th place: founder of Facebook.

What video-games do these people play?

knifefight2361d ago

And what did they make or enable?
Non-games like Farmville? Oh please.
I can spell "boobs" on a calculator but that doesn't make it some kind of sexual revolution.

Alos882361d ago

Poor Jobs, he'll never see the full extent of what he's done for the industry (and other industries for that matter).


Don't compliment this man anymore, he was a horrible Tyrant. His industries success/profit is purely based off of Sweatshops and taking advantage of peoples lives/poor environments in other countries. While they handed out the lent in their pocket to make it "look" okay, it's guerrilla sneaky tactics, it's insanely immoral, he didn't give two turds about all of these people dying in his factories due to unfair/unsafe work environments.

"It's cheaper" to not be forced with safety regulations, like we are here in AMURIKA! It's more profit to (not) spend money on safety gear for someone's life. PFFFT, who cares right? More money is best, business is about profit!

If people would just google this, they'd see all of these huge articles about people dying and Steve Jobs denying them any sort of reimbursement, or improvement on safety gear. He did however offer them 1 Ipod Nano's salary per month. How generous of him.

How does it feel to be raped in hell for all eternity Steve? No different from the lives you've destroyed for nothing I imagine. Thanks

bebojet2360d ago

Some people only see the good in these filthy rich people. They don't get rich by making donations.

This is just absurd...

b-real2360d ago


I presume your talking about Foxconn as the 'sweatshop' factories that your referring to. Just an FYI here is a list of clients that Foxconn make electronics for...

Acer Inc. (Taiwan) (United States)[16]
Apple Inc. (United States)[17]
ASRock (Taiwan)
Intel (United States)
Cisco (United States)
Hewlett-Packard (United States)[18]
Dell (United States)
Nintendo (Japan)
Nokia (Finland)[17]
Microsoft (United States)
MSI (Taiwan)
Motorola (United States)
Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)[19]
Vizio (United States)

Are the CEOs of these companies also the devil, as you portray Jobs to be? Just because Apple is currently the leader in the tech world, all negative press will be pointed at Foxconn as being an Apple factory. Its not.

I think its unfair to vilify one person for events that occurred in these factories. I'm almost certain you would use products from at least one of the companies listed above. If not, then how are you typing this message?

GROTSTOMPA2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

@b-real, I think you're missing the point. This is totally off-topic. It's completely fair to point out Steve Jobs (one man) because that's what this entire article is about "praising him". My company would never get away with this. I would close down my company immediately if need be, no questions asked.

By the way Foxconn is ONE example of the terrible things he allowed. I would never allow anything Apple brand into my company first off, I would keep it clean as possible. While also knowing that almost every crap company supports child labor, if unavoidable, I wouldn't have a company involving any of these brands regardless. I would start my own line of electronics that I've designed.

(Don't think I don't know about all of the other companies that are just as bad, everything you listed and Walmart, Old navy brands, etc. etc. etc. It goes on).

I don't praise any of these comapnies, and I would never praise Steve Jobs. I'm a Network Administrator, I have to use certain equipment to complete my job, or my education goes to waste. I can't do anything about monopolized TYRANTS, but spread facts/truth aka: Knowledge, and hope one day for the better. I can do something about my own business though and make a difference.

So let me end this statement with this saying my parents taught me all my life:

("All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke.)

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