5 Tips On How To Get Better At Battlefield 3

Here are 5 ways you can improve your Battlefield 3 experience and take it to the next level. Expand your mind, expand your skills!

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multips3fan2452d ago

keep playing and ur get better

infamous-butcher2452d ago

Work as a team.
Dont be a squad of recon ect
Use your ammo boxs/health and repair tool.

There. Your'e now a competent BF3 player.

JsonHenry2452d ago

^^ Most people can't get past your first suggestion.

Can't even tell you how many times I play a game and everyone is a sniper and we are the attackers on a Rush map..

KaBaW2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

Aint that the most aggravating thing? Attacking 'snipers,' ha. Move, people!
Whats worse is half the time they shoot at .. nothing. They just sit staring.
I don't know how many times, in Metro, my teammates sit at the beginning of the station, where it is blown up (the main tunnel) and there's no enemies.

sovietsoldier2452d ago

all the tips in the world cant help if they don't fix issues with the game, please don't take this wrong.

Hicken2452d ago

What issues? You leave such a negative comment, and apparently have no intention of clarifying your comment. That kinda indicates that you WANT it taken wrong.

ZILLA2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

in BATTLEFIELD!!the first things you do is set spawn beacon,tank mines and motion becons ect.once you have things set so the squad is taken caee of then shoot everything and everyone that all time favorite is smoke!!nothing like great cover.

Drug2452d ago

This was actually quite helpful, if you really read what hes talking about it makes you realize some things.
he has a really good way of putting things. I have experienced flow also I know what he is talking about. Anyone else?

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