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Batman Arkham City Review (2nd Opinion) |C&G.com

Batman Arkham City is a follow up to the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum. This time your old friend the Joker is up to no good again. But not just the Joker, but so many of Batman's other enemies are up to no good too. This is a 3rd person open world game, with main missions, and many side missions too. So do you think you can play the role of Batman? Stop the Joker and the rest of the evil villians? (Batman: Arkham City, PS3, Xbox 360) 10/10

Stuart5756  +   1398d ago
2nd Opinion? Hers'e a third. 10/10.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1398d ago
4th: 11/10

side note: that website design is *ss
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The Meerkat  +   1398d ago
5th 10/10

Every superhero game from now on will be compared to B:AC.

Now they should apply the same game mechanics to a Justice League game.
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radyboy  +   1398d ago
i played the game , this game doesnt deserve more than a 7/10.
you cant give a game a 10/10 just because its open world
Perjoss  +   1398d ago
GotY for me so far, lets see about Skyrim and Uncharted though.

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