TGSN / The Sims 3: Pets - Review

For the, shall we say, more pedicure-loving, Twilight-watching demographic The Sims franchise most appeals to, Pets is the easiest of sells. “You there, girl or girly man. Do you like pink-washing your virtual house and braiding your family? Step this way for something cute and fluffy!” That’s not to say The Sims isn’t rife with opportunity for hardened male gamers who can get their violent kicks slapping a love rival, or captains of industry curiously free during the day for a few hours of networking in Simlish. But the latest The Sims 3 expansion targets its audience’s affections like a stinger missile – a missile packed with purring cats, galloping horses and dogs that can do tricks.

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come_at_me_bro2271d ago

Look, I'll admit it... I'm a huge fan of The Sims. Have been since the first. But man, 3's expansions have been a joke. I'll pass on this one too.