Nintendo Admits They're Deliberately Delaying Completed Games

GamePro - Nintendo President Satoru Iwata states that in order to maximize game sales, they've "intentionally delayed the launch of some software titles to early next year."

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jony_dols2454d ago

Another reason for early 3DS adopters to be pissed at Nintendo....

Intentionally withholding software from people who paid top dollar at launch & then just rereleasing N64 games to fill in the gap in the meantime is no way to treat their fanbase.

MultiConsoleGamer2454d ago

Nintendo has heavily exploited early adopters of the 3DS. Of course they did get the 20 ambassador games, and free excitebike 3d classics.

NewMonday2454d ago

exactly why I'm "Deliberately Delaying" buying the 3DS

Captain Qwark 92454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

its not a reason to be pissed at them, thats rediculous....

videogames are a business like any other, profit needs to be made. and since most games have the bulk of thier sales in their first few launch weeks it only makes sense to launch them with less competition. think about it...

lets say there is a new mario game coming out, i love mario and i would love to pick that up. but wait, launching a week later is a new COD, BF, and elder i have a decision to make. i can only get maybe 2 or 3 so now perhaps mario doesnt seem so important.

if they did launch it, yes it would be there for those who chose mario over the other three but by the time i finished the other three, i may have forgotten about it and at that point and am already looking to the next game im seeing hyped up. however by delaying it, that hype still remains, media still covers it, i dont forget about it and now its the next game im waiting for...

nycredude2454d ago

Captain Qwark9

yes it is a business but do you think it is good business to release an underpowered, overpriced electronic product with no software support, especially when there is strong competition?

They are in the business to provide a product and to support that product, and they failed to do so at the moment.

Captain Qwark 92454d ago

i dont know which of their consoles your referring too but if its the wii, that consoles sold amazing. and while i agree it was underpowered its intention was to try something new and attempt to redefine gaming not just upgrade the hardware like its competition.

and if your talking the 3DS then again, they are trying something new and while you seem to think it has no software support, would it even matter with all the competition this fall? we are seeing release after release of some of the finest games ever created this year. Are you really telling me that your gonna dig into your games budget for some 3DS/wii titles over everything else coming out?

and clearly if it is the 3DS or wii, does it even effect you? i mean if you think its underpowered and overpriced clearly you didnt buy one

now i do admit though that by releasing it later, you are slightly admitting that it may not be as good as the competition becuase you arent sure it stands a chance. however like i said, from a business standpoint it makes sense to hold back and wait, then enter the market when you will be the only new kid on the block.

and as far as supporting its system goes, thats not necessarily an obligation to create first party titles as long as they make it a point to have numerous other companies creating / releasing games and are fixing any defected consoles / updating firmware then they are supporting that product still. look at the 360 for example, its mostly supported off of 3rd party titles and nobody seems to mind.

TheRichterBelmont2454d ago

Don't pretend that Nintendo is the only company to do this...

However, shame on Nintendo for trying to pass the 3DS with such a Poor opening lineup.

VampiricDragon2454d ago

better than what the ds had.

Much better

So really theres no difference

madjedi2454d ago

@richter But ps3/360 gamers aren't exactly hurting with a lack of content, if anything there are too many games to play and not enough time or money, for most people.

tack1292454d ago

This has two sides.

Good: Less bugs and more time to find flaws and buff them out ergo more enjoyment and less frustration.

Bad: Can peeve off fanbase through impatience and frustration.

madjedi2454d ago

"Good: Less bugs and more time to find flaws and buff them out ergo more enjoyment and less frustration."

Right exactly what part of completed games was misinterpreted as needed further testing or refinement? These aren't console games getting a day 1 bug fixes or patches, how anyone can remotely try to spin this as a good thing is incredible.

Lol and nintendo still gets treated with kids gloves by gamers stuck on nostalgia, you people want to reward this action with your money, knock yourself out.

Nate-Dog2454d ago

I don't think that's really what they mean though when they say they are delaying games, they're not delaying them to give devs more time to work with them, they're just delaying games that are already finished and completed and ready for sale for marketing reasons.

matey2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Nintendo will take the World by storm with 3DS/WiiU next year Lego City Stories on 3DS/WiiU with connectivity wiil be amazing Lego games are very well recieved this gen a massive CGI like Lego world will sell 10 million+ and with rumours of GTA5 WiiU and a developer said Pikimin3 is gorgeous you have to see it to believe it i think going off Zelda tech demo WiiU Nintendo's developers are obviously the most talented devs out there they have just been held bk by moderate hardware.

AWBrawler2454d ago

also DragonQuest will be in the launch window for WiiU

AntiTroll2454d ago

Nope, Nintendo sucks. Period.

I want their stocks to fall so dramatically that they're forced out of the console business so they can become a software publisher like Sega and have their overrated garbage games drift into obscurity.

AdvanceWarsSgt2454d ago

A user named "AntiTroll" olls.

Ironic huh.

AWBrawler2453d ago

I hate EA, but I don't wish that crap on them. what did Nintendo do to him?

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