Feature: Commodore 64 Classics

Eurogamer writes:

"It's not a hard task to conjure up a list of great Commodore 64 games when you're faced with a software library that's reportedly around the 10,000 mark. Between late 1982 and 1993, an almost constant stream of software highlights kept interest in the machine alive long after its logical sell-by date, so it's hardly surprising that the nostalgia value surrounding its finest games still runs high."

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Neurotoxin3956d ago

Fantastic piece of hardware. Operation Wolf FTW!

leon763956d ago

Yeah, i had (and still have, but it seems that doesn't work) a Commodore 64... Strider, Chase HQ, Dracula, Thunderbirds, impossible mission, sensible soccer...and some others i can't remenber...nice times...

Gorgon3955d ago

Great times indeed. I had a Commodore Amiga, not the C64 (the C64 in Europe didn't sell, it was Amiga all the way), but the games were similar. It was the Golden Age of gaming indeed. My best gaming memories are from those days.

P4KY B3955d ago

I would like to see Dizzy being remade with modern graphics but still in 2D.

S1nnerman3955d ago

I remember those days very fondly. Even my dad was addicted to gaming and used to kick my off my Acorn Electron then Spectrum. I actually still have my spectrum 48k and it still works. I used to love Skool Daze, Jet Set Willy, Dan Dare - the list is endless lol Ahhhh ... such innocent times :)

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