Modern Warfare 3: Team Defender -- Breeding Ground For Campers?

Update: Here's an analysis discussing all the new multiplayer modes for Modern Warfare 3 and why Team Defender might be a haven for campers waiting for flag captures.

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kojikondokid2421d ago

Campers are a necessity like em or not but I hope the game doesn't have to many when i go online next week!

davidmccue2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

The Kill Confirmed mode will be the worse for campers, this mode is more intended like a team deathmatch mode, with the addition of forcing players to move out of any camping spots by having to pick up the tags, but players will be sure to take advantage of this mode by camping in groups.

Camping in Team Defender should be more forgivable, as its how you are supposed to play the mode.

A good mode which will help against campers would be something like an Hotzone* mode, which is a portion of the map which changes location throughout the match. Anybody who enter the Hotzone* will slowly take damage until they die or it could drain the players points/XP.

*Hotzone copyright 2011 David Mccue